11 Nov 2011

EarlyLife Pan African Radio

Where we begun
I am Grace Atuhaire, 23 year old female Journalist in Uganda with a passion in citizen journalism.In March 2011, I was taken on as an Intern by Kess Grant at Twaweza Uganda. There I was to pilot the idea of an online Radio/Tv called Earlylife Radio. This grew to be a success and at the time I was introduced to Sam of the Uganda Radio Network. He liked the idea and gave me the project a chance to kick start from their studio but with an agreement that we were to start paying rent after a period of three months. I shared the platform with a friend from Kenya called Nohlini Akilinyi (Joined with other Kenyan Youths ). With the Ugandan friends like Verone Akakunda, Mimi Harriet, Gilbert Daniel Bwete and Allen Atutambira. These gave their free time to the radio but because to all of us it was not a priority activity. It kept on lagging behind and by the time the period of grace elapsed with URN, nothing much had been achieved.

In August, 2011, I met with Solomon Manzi, who I was acquitted to since December 2010. We got to discuss about the radio and since he was the head of the youth’s department at the Pan African Movement. He Introduce the concept to Newton, the global coordinator of the Pan African Movement. Its then that Daniel, after consulting with the Board of the Movement, the Radio was taken on to be the today Earlylife Pan African Radio.

So far, we have a studio room at the Pan African Movement secretariat offices in Kampala, a hosting website and have conducted a three day training of our volunteers who will be hosting different programs on the radio and this saw the acknowledge of media personalities, like Malcolm Webb of Aljazeera, Peter Mwesige from Africa Centre for Media Excellence and Derrick Kabisi from Talking films Africa. Though, the radio still faces challenge of the studio equipment and account costing

About ELPA Radio:
EarlyLife Pan African Radio aims at giving a platform to the Pan African youth to contribute to their society through citizen journalism.
Its target audience; being all Pan Africanists, University going students as well as urban youths all over Africa that can access internet services on phone, wireless internet access laptops and Cyber Caf├ęs.
Our Vision is to create an advocacy platform for youths to participate, voice issues and find solutions to problems that affect youths in different communities as a way of being part of social development.

We are starting a fundraising campaign on 18th of November 2011 with a Poetry session featuring Lantern Meet of poets, FEMRITE poets and Bavubuka Foundation among other Artists in Uganda at the Pan African Movement officers, Kamwokya, Kampala. The Gates will be open at 2:pm and Live poetry from 4pm till 7:00pm .
You too can support us by clicking on the donation tab on the right side corner of our website at www.earlyliferadio.com

As we work on our programming, we welcome all youths aged between 16 to 38 to volunteer in sharing news and their experiences both Articles, Audio and video by registering on our website.

Early life Pan African Media Studio Requirements

Sound Mixer
 Green Screen
1 cloth- green
I cloth- blue
Radio Account Payment
Studio Round Table
Studio Laptop
Studio Internet
Microphone Stands
Microphone covers
Audio Recorders
Video digital Camera
Storage devices (Hard Drive)
1-   20G-bites
4 sets
Carpet (woolen)
Sound Proof Mattress:
For One Room& cloths (worth 200 dollars)
Air Conditioner
Door Holder/Signature
Brand: Visibility
Wall Clock
Grace Atuhaire,
Skype: monieg3

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  1. Grace, you certainly are going places young lady. Just keep your feet firmly on the floor! All your pals wish you very well....