1 Nov 2011

HARGEISA Youth Voluntary Organization (HAYVO) profile

E-mail:  Hayvo_Org@gmail.com
Contact person: Mohad Omar Said (Executive Director)
Tel: 4489943/4486202
Address: Hargeisa, Somaliland.
                Ahmed Dhagah District,
               Behind ADN Maternity hospital
Organizational Background

Hargeisa Youth Voluntary Organization (HAYVO) was founded on 11th march 2005 by group of youth activists, who came together to improve and up grading Somaliland community in Hargeisa city realized the necessity of establishment means of contributing to their community needs in respond to a country wise formation of voluntary institution by various community group most of them were youth group.

Likewise the agencies and the other international humanitarian in situations operating in Somaliland have encouraged the foundation of youth organizations and promised to improve capacity building in order to create participation at community level in order to achieve sustainable result from the activities to their communities especially youth ,children and women,

But in the actual sense there has been deterioration in the Somaliland where youth participating is very limited when compare to other countries in the region of Horn of Africa on the other hand there have been  a lot of rumours  going on about the security situation resulting in to the long duration of negligence where humanitarian activities haven’t been implementing in many region by the INGO,s nor lNGO,s  and nor even the government authorities  while on the other hand the youth founders of this organizations realized the needs of their communities and prevailing negligence of the concerned agent they decided to established means of advocacy for their people whose lives been getting worse  such an extent as current circumstances,  on the other hand HAYVO focusing on to working in the  areas of education , HIV/AIDS, environment and sanitation , and  so the organization was established as HAYVO profile detailed.

Vision statement: HAYVO- envisions is to see where a Somaliland people are living friendly environment and sanitation, access to basic education and are fully aware of HIV and AIDS.

Mission statement: HAYVO- is formed by group of youth activists, who come together to improve and upgrade Somaliland communities in both urban and rural through community based advocacy in areas of HIV/AIDS awareness, education, environment and sanitation in Hargeisa region.
Goal: Our goal is to deliver high impact, cost effective, & culturally competent capacity building programs to Somaliland people in particular to youth.

Specific objectives
§  To raise awareness, understanding and knowledge on HIV/AID and other STD’s to the Somaliland people in general.
§  To provide a basic education, vocational education and trainings for the disadvantage adolescents (orphanages) and youth in order to make them literate and empowered.
§  To eliminate gender inequalities in primary and secondary education by achieving equality in education, with ensuring girl’s full and equal access to basic education of good quality.
§  To improve the environmental condition for nomads and rural people.
§  To make a campaigns of tree plantation and collection of plastics

 Organizational values.
 HAYVO organization is committed to

§  Working with efficiency and long term sustainability
§  Valuing the principle of social justice,  and empowerment of Somaliland youth, women, and child
§  Solving youth conflicts and building peace and deep true-ship among Somaliland youth.
§  Believe in the power of committed youth individuals and organization who want to contribute to a sustainable development.

Sectoral Areas of Intervention and Priority Programs:
HAYVO organization is mandated to various development interventions and strived to work the bellow areas:

1. Non-formal education: The aim of this department is to take part education development in our country and also educate both women and men those did not get a chance for formal education. HAVYO has centres of education in Hargeisa.
2. Health department: This activity involves in the improvement of sanitation and HIV/AIDS awareness through resources mobilization, advocacy for positive social change and rural development.
3. Environment department: Recently the environment of the world is in danger and there is what called Air-pollution, cutting trees and social erosions.

HAVYO “HARGEISA Voluntary Youth Organization” will be structured according to the following system
·      General Assembly
·      Board of Directors
·      Management Team “Executive committee”

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