1 Nov 2011

How Do We Share Best Practise?

I was invited as a guest speaker this week to discuss ways of professionalising sustainable development practise in Africa.  It was held on Twitter, a new forum experience for me. One minute before the start I realised ‘tweetdeck’ software was needed to get involved so had to install and learn to use it very quickly!

At NAYD we have tried different ways of meeting up with limited success to date for various reasons: - the Internet cafe computer hasn’t the right software installed; the web connection fails;  there is a power shortage; different connection speeds mix up the order of messages from contributors; Sunday is not a good day; time differences; different languages; out of town. Yet these meetings are essential to share best practise, we really have no choice but to hold them to accelerate sustainable development in Africa. Just as important in sharing best practise though is to help young people step into the voluntary sector. For that they need easy access to reliable sources of information AND guidance to its use. NAYD has taken a small step to help those interested in climate change by appointing a climate change information volunteer. If you have any questions on this topic please email climateinfo@nayd.org and we’ll try to help.   

PAUL SHAW – help@nayd.org
NAYD Webmaster

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