1 Nov 2011

Somali Youth Commemoration of International Peace Day

21st September, 2011
Venue: SOYDEN Office in Mogadishu Somalia
Theme: Somali youth challenges and their role in peace-building
Introduction: The prolonged civil war and insecurity following the collapse of Somali state in 1991 have cause immense human suffering and material losses across the south-central Somalia regions, leaving physical and emotional scars on all aspect of Somali society. In addition to death and destruction, the violent conflict has resulted and still continuing widespread displacement of people both within and beyond country’s borders and it was regarded as the biggest tragedy in the recent history in the horn of Africa

Young people in Somalia have known conflict and poverty of their entire lives recent decades and many have displaced and witnessed brutal violence against other young people which is so misfortune, however, young Somalis have often demonstrated remarkable resilience and resolve to survive if they would get with adequate support, guidance and vocational trainings, they can become strong social foundation for building peace and their lives of their community.

Background of the Program: The commemoration of the event of International Peace Day on 21 September, 2011 was organized by SOYDEN in collaboration with NAYD Somalia held at the SOYDEN Office, the event which its well organized and implemented by the host organization was participated many different youth organizations from south-central Somalia and Mogadishu as well and the Minister of labour, Youth and Sport was of the among the prominent figures from TFG whom attended at the event, and the event was successfully end.
The Event methodology: The event which its kind was no happened before in Mogadishu since the collapse of the state 1991 and was different from the previous events and the event was fully engaged and participated by the prominent civil society organization in Somalia and the following methodologies were used at the event:-
·         Forum discussion on peace building
·         Group discussions
·         Lectures
Activity: The activity of the event was mainly group discussions after the groups discussed their agendas on the Somali youth challenges and their role of peace-building
The participants were divided into 6 groups and each group was comprised at 5 persons including three female
Problem background: Youth are the backbone of the community and the future leaders therefore it is prudent and indispensable to support and assist the youth to educate and encourage them in contributing to the development of the community. The short time NAYD Somalia had existed implemented youth programs through its organization network so as to increase the youth’s capacity to find employment or self employment opportunity and to achieve greater self reliance. Basic marketing skills are thought so as to provide accurate information on market realities. This will provide the graduates the ability to access sustainable livelihood opportunities. the youth empowerment would be achieved through illiteracy eradication and establish technical and vocational training so as to bring forth skilled youth and professional that would be qualified for the respective job that would be assigned.
There is a need to mobilize and orient the youth to make them a positive and progressive minded that would make the community a working community with the pros of a positive change in the community life style.
1- To create peace mood in order to decrease the risks
2- To prevent any thing can create without peace 
3- To establish an office who advocate the right of youth
4-To establish youth employment centre
5- To mobilize the youth risk of war
6- To create youth vocational training programs to enable to get job opportunities
8- To decrease ignorance and create opportunity of education
The challenges of Youth
1) Lack of peace and security
2) Unemployment
3) Luck of opportunity
4) Youth recruitment
5) Luck of education
6) Corruption
7) Tribalism
Recommendations: Should include how to overcome constraints and continue to held many other program like this in order to develop the capacity of youth and lessen the ignorance.
Conclusions: Should give an overview of the achievement of the program outcome, though the program was very sensitive and logical and we hope that this program.

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