1 Nov 2011

Viral Loop of the Century

Can a "VIRAL LOOP OF THE CENTURY" JumpStart Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) across the world for anyone alive who is receptive?
There are increasing numbers of groups/movements across the world uniting people into a commonality in which respect for human dignity and rights is maintained as well as working together to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  Network of African Youth for Development (NAYD),   one example of such organizations throughout the world, alone represents "thousands of African youths impacting positive change in the lives of Africans."  The Vision and Mission of NAYD are models for what the world needs:
Mission Statement
NAYD is a network for African youths to know one another in the field of development and hopefully work together wherever possible. NAYD thus creates a platform to create opportunities for African youths through sustainable development.
NAYD’s vision is to help make Africa a safer and more developed place for all, including women and children of all ages through the joint efforts of youths. The way forward is paved with determination, hard work, and togetherness for all African youths exploring meaningful opportunities for our future generation.

Can you imagine a location in the world where such a mission and vision would not apply?  The actions of the youth of the world in recent months attest to what can be accomplished including the potential for social media to enhance quickly the communications and organization involved.
A Better Community For All (ABC4All) has been in development over 13.5 years working as well towards a global vision of peace and harmony and a specific mission to maximize charitable donations worldwide.  The keywords and phrases can be found with links to explore for those interested in more details:  http://home.abc4all.net/topics/view/72763/   Advanced technologies for water, food and shelter offer hope as ABC4All WorldSolutions™ are made available with support from every corner of the globe:  http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm
As the world counts down to 2 significant dates, 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, ABC4All is working towards the creation of a "Viral Loop of the Century" that will bring together the cooperation and collaboration of members of youth groups and various organizations worldwide so that when we arrive at 12/12/12, it will be possible to establish instant communication with large segments of the youth population.  Half of the world's population is age 30 and under!  That's 3.5 billion people.  Only a percentage of the youth of the world is needed to help create Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for anyone alive who is receptive!
Thus with the key core organizations who have agreed to work together, including NAYD, there is intent to create "A Formula For A Better World."  http://gcs.abc4all.net  Given the "New Era of Publicity:"  http://yr.abc4all.net/topics/view/66995/ ,  it is possible to create a "viral loop" which triggers quick communication among the youth of the world as is being demonstrated in many countries.  With sufficient cooperation, a "Viral Loop of the Century" can be created in which youth and others decide to cooperate and support a common approach to helping create a better world for all receptive no matter what the particular given focus that may be at hand.
Here is a description of the 2 dates in question:
CountDown to 11/11/11 A Day to Remember:  A 24-hour KICKOFF in every time zone in the world (just like how we celebrated the New Millennium).  The kickoff will be followed by monthly webcasts and periodic ABC4All eCommerce webinars via ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN) driven via 77 satellites circling the globe with access to every cellphone in the world (3/4 of the world's population owns a cellphone) and every Internet Connection.
CountDown to 12/12/12 A Day to Take Stock and celebrate with an ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert during a year-long celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Jazz For Peace's original concert at the United Nations with Arab, Israeli and American musicians performing
Would you and your organization participate in the Viral Loop of the Century?  What are your ideas?  Tell us about your organization. Please submit your ideas to abc4allideas@abc4all.net which will be posted at http://121212.abc4all.net  - if you are not a member of TrUnity Platform yet, you can Join the ABC4All Portal4Relief:  http://home.abc4all.net/join/request/
if you need password, use joinghrp
Once you join as ABC4All Mentor and the TrUnity Network, you can contribute to the ABC4All sites!  no HTML needed!  user friendly.  SAFE. No spamming, no hacking.  Next-generation web design.  FREE!  Create your own Network of Websites!  If you would like to consider joining the ABC4All Community as well as participate in any other organization(s) where you are active, please let us know as well, and you will receive "Step1" for ABC4All Participation Guidelines: http://www.trunity.net/abc4all/topics/view/24848/  
Thank you for your thoughts and ideas!
Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All
P. O. Box 1624 Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624
Skype abc4allteam abc4allideas@abc4all.net

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  1. Thank you for publishing this article.

    We are about to celebrate 11/11/11 on our way to 12/12/12 as we work to create the "Viral Loop of the Century." Please go to this Event Page listed below on Facebook to learn more and participate and share with all you know!

    Together we will be making a HUGE difference as all connected with ABC4All work together to bring advanced technologies for water, food, shelter to the world via Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs.