31 Jan 2012

National Engagement Report on Economic Justice 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2011

The economy of nation or country is the source of its livelihood or demise and therefore a prerequisite to the very existence of any state. Generally, elementary economics have defined the subject matter as “Science which studies human behaviors as a relationship ends and scare means which have alternative uses”. It is against this background that nationals attempt to satisfied there unlimited ones with the limited resources at there disposals.  In Sierra Leone the management of the economy of the state since independent has persistency abuse by corruption and a host of many other factors. The main source of income to the Sierra Leone economy: 1.    Minerals and mining 2.    Taxation in all its various forms 3.    Foreign aids for development purpose etc.

However, generating income for all of the process listed above and the allocation and distribution of this resources has been flooded by: poor mining agreement with foreign companies, inept and inadequate tax policies, poor debt management and misused of donor funds, lack of transparency and out right corruption by the state actors (Government) who do not adequately account to the people.

In view of this Civil Society organization, academics and another interest groups decided to come together to have  common platform of  research and advocacy to engaged government and other stakeholders in the Sierra Leone  economic to seek economic justice for the people.
AYCAH-SL an organization that have been working relentlessly with its development partners  ( Action Aid International ) to improve on the porous economic situation in the country held a two day national training and lunching on economic justice at the Ramsy house Liverpool , Freetown. 

The programme which was funded by Action Aid International Sierra Leone attracted over sixty participants from over fifty CSOs , Academics and students from the universities, the private sector, media practitioners and government officials from key financial institution (Finance and Trade) Ministry’s

After two days of rigorous deliberations and expositions, on economic issues affecting the well been of every Sierra Leoneans by the dynamic organizers, Facilitators and participants that were drawn from a wide range of expertise background such as: academia/University, NGO’s, private sector groups, and the government represented by very senior officials from the Ministry’s of Finance and Trade, the following resolutions were raised:

1.    To have  an  Interim Chairman with a Deputy Chair

2.   AYCAH Sierra Leone to serve as coordinating secretariat since the initiative is coming from Actionaid International and AYCAH-SL with the backing from the Economics Department –FBC,USL.

3.    The Economic Justice Network  to be officially launched before the end of the year 2011 ;

4.   It was agreed that membership of the Economic Justice Network will be based on organization, each member organization should be represented by a focal person and  an assistant .It must be someone that participated in the first national training engagement on economic justice. ;

5.    It was agreed that the Economic Justice Network be registered with SLANGO and MOFED to obtained legal status in other to legitimized  operations and this be handled by the  AYCAH-SL secretariat  and the interim chairman;

6.    It was also agreed that a website for the network should be hosted and it is to be facilitated by the AYCAH-SL and the interim Chairman ;

7.    A declaration form for membership of the network was issued to each participant to be taken to their various institutions or organizations for ratification and validation   and to be returned at the next meeting  to be held at Ramsy Conference Hall, Liverpool Street  Friday 9th December 2011;

8.    The aims and objectives of the Economic Justice Network were  tentatively agreed as follows:

Aim: Economic Justice breeds Peace.
Objectives:  These were to be specific, measureable resourceful and time bound (smart)
a.    Campaign to promote economic equity
b.    To Increase transparency and accountability
c.    Ensuring the implementation of agreed economic policy
d.    Optimal utilization of our resources for all of us
e.    To ensure access to information
f.     To reduce inequality /poverty within society
g.    Access to information to participate in economic building linkages and advocacy.

Peter John Amara
Country Representative
Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger Sierra Leone
National Secretariat 34 Goderich Street
Tel:+23276460457 / +23278548471 / +23233229878                                                                                                     Skype:AYCAH-SL
Email:AYCAHsierraleone@yahoo.com , AYCAHSL2006@gmail.com
Website: www.aycah.org

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