28 Feb 2012

'Together is Better'

‘Together is Better’ was the headlline from our first issue 5 years ago.  Back then Pochi Tamba-Nsoh  wrote

 ‘In my vision, I see this massive forum where young persons involved in development or worried about the fate of the continent can share information and resources, thus making their voices heard all over the continent. I know you believe in a better Africa. We do. Join us and let’s make that real.’

How much progress have we made since then? Are we sharing information and resources more effectively? Is Africa a better developed continent as a result of our network?  There is no doubt that NAYD has had an impact but we need to accelerate that progress to have any chance of meeting the MDG’s by 2015. To help our members a new style Country page has been developed to encourage more effective communication. Please use it!   

NAYD webmaster

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