15 Apr 2012

Addis Ababa University Peace Club

Registered Address: 6 Kilo Main Campus, PO BOX 1176, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
Contact DetailsFirew Girma firew_girma@yahoo.com +25191367413 and Ermias Dejene ermidejene@yahoo.com +251912095004
Mission: Peace club is a student based organization. The club aims at creating a peace full and harmonious academic environment where students of diverse background lives inter dependently.
Vision: The peace club envisions a higher education institution, where peace, justice and non violent relations prevail through students’ active work and commitment.

Main Objectives:
Peace Club’s work is based on the following objectives and principles:
• Coherent work an all levels: peace club acknowledges that building peace is a complex process that has to include all levels of society. The club therefore, employs a coherent multi truck approach with a special emphasis on inter ethnic and interfaith dialogue among students.
• Building on local knowledge: peace club believes that people have the power to build peace. The club is hence sensitive towards local cultures and traditional methods of conflict transformation and incorporate the different perspective and voice of the students into analysis and action.
• Transparency and trust: Peace club is transparent towards both its partners and donors, and aims relationships based on transparency and trust.
• Gender sensitivity: peace club applies a gender sensitive approach to conflict transformation.
• Impartiality: as a students’ initiative the peace club conducts its work in a non-partisan way.
• The AAU Peace Club has started a sustained dialogue groups on campus in the fall of 2009 through different workshops organized to create awareness regarding the importance of peace among young university communities.
• The SD method Sustained Dialogue (abbreviated SD) is a method that was developed by a veteran US diplomat named Dr. Hal Saunders, inspired by a long career in international affairs and peace processes hence The Peace Club believes that the SD method could really benefit the AAU students and would like to implement a contextualized version of the method on campus – thus being the first African campus to implement it.
• The AAU Peace Club SD is progressing, we have planned to make it once in fifteen days but the students are not tolerance enough to miss it for two long weeks so that they are decided to meet once in a week sometimes twice. www.nayd.org/aaupc.htm

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