15 Apr 2012

NAYD Five Year Strategic Planning Processes Well Underway

NAYD launched its five year strategic planning process early this year. The strategic planning process will help NAYD to determine where it wants to go, what it wants to do, how to get there, and when, including exploring the necessary resources.

This would be the first strategic plan for NAYD. The process is composed of five steps. This are;
1.    Preparing to plan;  A strategic planning composed of the CEO, international secretariat, partners established to lead the process
2.    Environmental scan; both internal and external environmental scan will be done
3.    Identify key issues, questions, and choices
4.    Review TaYA’s Vision, Values, and mission
5.    Defining Goals and Objectives
6.    Identifying resources
7.    Monitoring and evaluation system

In the past couple weeks we have managed to come up with a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis as part of the internal context review. We would like thank those who have actively participated in the SWOT analysis, namely, Paul, NAYD Web-Master, Ephrem, NAYD CEO, our country coordinators from Cameroon, Ghana, Somalia, and Divine, from International Secretariat and most of all our partner ABC 4ALL. We draw important lessons from this exercise as you can see in the following summary table;

·         have better visibility
·         Strong youth organizations working together
·         Increased country coordinators
·         Very good in communication 
·         Increased membership
·         Online newsletter
·         Mobilizing volunteers
·         Able to create and sustain partnership
·         Recognition at local / international  domains
·         Excellent website leading to better connections
·         Create Viral Loop of the Century
·         New Era in Publicity
·         Work with cooperating/collaborating entities who are not competing for self-gain
·         Work in alliance with ABC4All Mentors 

·         Lack of capacity
·         Poor communication between country coordinators
·         Luck of secretariat with full time staffers
·         Reporting
·         Not having strategic plan
·         Luck of finance
·         Luck of meetings/online 
·         Limited access of internet
·         More theoretical less field work
·         Inability to implement concrete youth programs at all levels to meet a sustainable future
·         Lack of meeting points and well established Secretariat
·         Absence of an actual Work Template / Plan of Action
·         Lack of focus by country coordinators
·         Insufficient commitment from members
·         Timeliness of updates
·         Not following through on commitments

·         Its wider membership and constituency base
·         The positive attitude towards investing in youth development at international level
·         Existence of African youth charter
·         Existence of African youth decade plan of action
·         Its wider membership and constituency base
·         The space for being the strongest youth organization on the African continent
·         The positive attitude towards investing in youth development at international level
·         Creates a lot of contact points globally
·          Expansion into all relevant countries
·         Collaborate with youth groups internationally

·         Funding
·         Resource mobilization
·         Lack of resources in all its forms ( funding , support matters )
·          Low engagement of youths in some countries 
·         Lack of support 
·         Security issues on Internet
·         Negativity and obstructions rather than positive facilitation

We will continue doing the external environment analysis. The external context analysis will explore the economic, political, and social situation in which NAYD operates.  We need to consider the benefits and constraints of working in our field, including legal restrictions and the social, cultural, and political backgrounds of target beneficiaries.  In this step, we examine the problem we wish to address by analyzing its causes as well as by researching what other organizations or agencies are doing to help combat the problem. An analysis of the external context we work in provides a clear picture of the opportunities and constraints that will influence our strategic plan.
On behalf of the NAYD planning team, we urge all our country coordinators to proactively involve in the upcoming planning process. We will be developing online questionnaire to refine those issues highlighted in the SWOT. The online questionnaire will also target potential funding organizations and collaborating institutions for their valuable comments and suggestions on the future direction of NAYD.

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