27 Jun 2012

Egyptian are free! - Abeer Rabei

Dear Nayd members.
I would like to share with you the momentous moments we are living in Egypt. 
It is the first time to have elected president and for the first time he succeeded by 51% not 99.9 as before. 
Regardless that the elected president is from Muslim brotherhood, the Egyptians was practicing their preferences and willing. 

What is more important, now everyone is alert that the president behaviors and actions are accountable. on social media such as Facebook and twitter various initiatives have been developing indicators to report the presidential actions; further, his picture profile will not be hanged in the governmental institutions. 

Yes, we have a long track to consolidate democratic institutions BUT Egyptians who 40% of them are poor became cautious of their political and economic rights and they are fighting to get them. 

Egyptians are Freeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Abeer Rabei

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