24 Sep 2012

Kenyan sustainable development Youth activist John Otieno is bidding to become an MP

Message from John Otieno  - potential Member of Parliament for the Gem Constituency in Kenya.

1) My vision is issue based politics, which is grassroots driven with practical approach to the interventions for justice, equitable distribution of development initiatives and communal access and participation in governance;

2) My value is hinged on my strong conviction that a leader must have principles, integrity and accountability thus my driving philosophy of inspirational leadership for a transformational change;

3) My capacity as a community developer is premised on my exquisite social entrepreneurial skills which I will continue to apply in my local community to create impact and effect positive change.

1. Ensure Food Security is achieved through small scale farming cooperatives. Introduce mechanized Agriculture as a business that will ensure there is abundance of food and money in the pockets.

2. Ensure Roads & Bridges Infrastructure is improved to a passable quality civil workmanship standards.

3. Health & Education. Improve and build more Schools both Primary & Secondary. Improve by equipping existing Health Centers and build more to improve access to quality heath.

4. Work with the Youth to improve their plight. Introduce more Tertiary Education Centers and Skill based Institutes/Colleges. Introduce small-scale cooperatives for income generating projects to improve basis/capacity to access credit facility from lending financial institutions.

5. Engage with Groups and Individuals to participate in activities that manages and conserves the environment.

6. Improve Electricity network and introduce the use of renewable sources of energy within the Constituency.

7. Introduce prudent financial management of our valued CDF funds to ensure project targets and achieved and no funds are misappropriated.

8. Solicit partnership with international agencies to improve general well being of my beloved Constituents.

9. Introduce empowerment centers that will help facilitate youth activities and provide a platform of nurturing talents and converting them into business ventures to help curb youth unemployment crisis
Kenya should highlight the broader context of sustained and sustainable development giving full consideration to economic, social and environmental pillars. It is necessary to take a long term view, develop a strategic approach and involve all levels of governments, youths and all elements of the society to fully realize Millennium Development Goals and the objects of Vision 2030.Kenya still remains a third world country due to poor leadership and governance mode where leaders have taken advantage of the population’s ignorance to exploit the resources available for their own benefits. As a matter of fact, leadership is the critical management of the critical resource endowment in a region. It is true that youths’ strengths have always been harnessed towards doing evil rather than good and yet they have the capacity to bring positive development. Discrimination on the basis of age, gender; culture and religion have taken centre stage in Kenya’s underdevelopment cycle. Poverty, increased unemployment rate, injustices, social crime, lack of political will and emergence of Political sycophants have derailed Kenya’s progress. Do you think that Kenya will therefore realize Millennium Development Goals?

The Genesis of the MDG’s was in September 2000 when 189 countries signed the Millennium declaration and Kenya was a signatory. The principle informing the MDG’s was recognition that tackling the developing World poverty required global solutions .As a Nation our aspirations as Kenyans to achieve the objectives of MDG’s is a collective responsibility driven by common national aspirations and desires. The gains made in various sectors: education, health, environment, infrastructure, information and technology all have a multiplier effect on the entire economy. Leaders have a rare but critical role to be part of the transformative leadership that will midwife the process of achieving the objectives of delivering a better Kenya. The realization of the Millennium Development Goals requires concerted efforts from all key factors implementing the plans.

With the current crop of Kenyan leadership and governance structures we are afraid we will not achieve these unless we focus on doing right things not only doing things right. The government must recognize however that they cannot create a political will by creating new multilateral institutions nor do new institutions guarantee greater efficiencies. What is important is commitment to a sustainable future in which a strengthened and streamlined institutional framework supports the peoples’ sustainable development efforts. Government efforts to improve development therefore should focus on implementation, improved efficiency and effectiveness of internal structures supporting development.

We therefore have to understand that if we desire to compete with our counterparts from other countries, we must exorcise the ghost of self doubt and suckle from the breasts of knowledge, because knowledge is the potent antidote against underdevelopment.

John Otieno

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