11 Oct 2012

African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA)

African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA), is a local non-profit, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization; instituted, staffed, and managed by a faculty of Somali professionals, Conceptualized and discussed since the mid 2010, the organization was officially launched in 2011 by a group of Somalis concerned with the civil strife and the increasing inability to respond to the vexing humanitarian tragedy gripping the country. AFDA has now taken up the challenges of articulation and contribution to the South Somalia development priority agenda.
VISION: The Vision of AFDA is to see a peaceful nation , health/Nutrition and well Economic empowered community where rights is respected, recognized and greater meaningful involvement of  the world today.
MISSION: The Mission of AFDA is to Promote, Health, Nutrition, Education, Environment, peace building and conflict resolutions & Development Status in the community of Som alia and Promote Human Rights for Social Economic Development.

AFDA s Mission sits upon four pillars:
  • To be a Leader in the NGO community, developing and documenting best practices and training programs;
  • To bridge Gaps between the communities in Somalia
  • To be a leading force for Advocacy for Health, Nutrition and Education Systems and  peace building  reforms in communities of Somalia.
  • To improve and assist the disadvantaged people in Somalia through better health and other essential issues in life.
Our approach:
We place people and communities at the centre of our work.

Values Upheld By the Organization: Justice, Respect, Voluntary service, Transparency, Accountability and Commitment

Organizational planning: The major components of the AFDA plan of action (2012-2015) are:
    Gender Based Violence and Child rights.
    The health program first aid and Community-based first aid.
    Peace building and Conflict resolutions.
    Primary health care.
    Capacity building.
    Water and sanitation projects.
    Agriculture & livestock
    HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
    Disaster relief and preparedness; and
    Seminars for youth and women development awareness.

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