2 Dec 2012

The PAAJAF Foundation (Ghana)

The PAAJAF Foundation (Providing Adolescents & Adults with Jobs for Advancement in Future) was established in 2007 and is based in Ghana is a Registered NGO and supported by United Nations Volunteers. We aim to serve underprivileged children, women, and youth by providing them with basic necessities and facilities such as food, shelter, and clothing, information on healthcare, job training, in addition to education.

Our current projects are:
- PAAJAF Magazine - Young People's voice, young people write articles on the topics of Human Rights and Child Labour to give them a voice and raise awareness of these key issues. It's free and online - www.paajaf.org/Magazin

Gbawe School Presentation
 - The Children’s Network (Nkabom) run at the Gbawe Methodist school which creates a safe after-school environment for pupils to do their homework and interact with their peers that enriches their lives and community. It currently helps 36 students to share ideas and give them a supportive environment for learning.

- To sponsor deprived children in the Greater Accra community - we currently sponsor 6 children with school fees, vaccines, books and school materials. Our goal from now until Christmas is to sponsor 20 children in the community.

- UN Volunteering - we mobilise UN Volunteers through the UN Volunteering Service www.unv.org 
We share ideas and learn
 For more information kindly visit www.paajaf.org or contact us through info@paajaf.org

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