4 Feb 2013

Call for Inputs for the UN World Youth Report 2013: Youth and Migration

Dear Paul

As you may be aware we are organizing a number of activities to get the perspectives on their experience in the migration process ( i.e. when they prepare to migrate, in transit, in destination countries, when they return to their countries of origin and when they are left behind by their parents). Inputs received from young migrants and other youth who are affected by migration will contribute directly to the the 2013 World Youth Report (WYR) that will address youth migration concerns.

Following the positive experience of the 2011 WYR, the WYR 2013 will also be prepared through an inclusive and participatory approach to allow young migrants and other youth affected by migration to share their experiences and perspectives on migration. We have already established a website -
www.unworldyouthreport.org - for this purpose and e-discussions are currently on-going alongside a call for other contributions from young people and youth organizations (i.e. survey, migration stories, paintings, etc.)

The WYR report can offer young people, youth-led organizations and young migrants as well as policy-makers and the general public a youthful perspective on the challenges and opportunities that migration presents for young people. This is particularly relevant in the lead up to the International Youth Day 12 August 2013 and the 2nd UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development in October 2013.

We would like to invite you and your organization to support us in the development of the WYR by contributing directly or reaching out to other young people and networks to: 1)
Join the weekly e-consultations ; 2) Submit a “Migration Story; 3) Fill out the Survey for young migrants/return migrants and the one meant for identifying good practices and; 4) Contribute an artistic piece . Inputs received will contribute to the WYR.

We are also interested in organizations that can administer our the survey or weekly consultations offline and collect stories, poems, cartoons and paintings from young people who have difficulty in accessing the internet. Contact us via
youth@un.org and boampongm@un.org , if you are interested in such an opportunity.

For the purpose of creating greater awareness about the various activities that we are organizing, we would like to share with your organization the following materials:
·         A two-page information note: Share this with your youth constituencies and partners to create visibility about the on-going consultative process and activities for the forthcoming WYR.
·          A website badge : This can be on your organization's website with a direct link to the WYR website ( www.unworldyouthreport.org ) . You can equally share this with your partner youth organizations.
·         An e-flyer which you can post on your social media platforms.
We hope that through this medium your organization will be able to encourage young people to participate in the activities that will contribute directly to the WYR 2013.

Many thanks in advance for your support and we look to a fruitful engagement with you in this process of gathering inputs for the WYR.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further clarifications.

With best wishes,

Michael Boampong
Division of Social Policy and Development- Youth
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 1 212 963-4800
Cell: 1-774-386-2018

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