20 May 2013

Youth for charity missions International

Youth for charity missions International (YOFOCHM), registered in UGANDA as NGO, is a is a group of Christian youths, joining hands in fighting youth challenges as we help the hopeless, train for self employment, rehabilitate morals, encourage them rise up for leadership & ministry, fight the epidemic & nurture God given talents amongst the youths worldwide. Our vision is to raise a God fearing youth generation for national development.

We are dedicated to changing Lives of youths and all people spiritually, physically &financially.
Our Activities/ Programs that make difference in lives of impoverished youth are:

HIV/Aids Awareness & Control Sensitization.
Technical Skills Training(Media)
Moral rehabilitation (Schools)
Crying Soul (Needy)
R.u.n (Leadership)

YOFOCHM with little personal funding from our members of which many of them are students, voluntarily extends its services to the desperate, needy, orphans and vulnerable in communities.We are thus still finding ways on how we can GET more humanitarians on board to work  together at  helping young people in AFRICA. Support is sought for support to our day to day runing of  activities and charity missions as scheduled every year. Thank you and God bless you,




Stephen Kapere
Founder/President - YOFOCHM

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