6 Sep 2013

NGO for September - Change Mind Change Future

Change Mind Change Future is a Non-governmental organization that offers mentorship to primary schools and secondary schools in Kenya. The organization basically focuses on positive thinking and social entrepreneurship. This is achieved through visits to schools and giving talks on various aspects of life that would deter a normal kid from reaching out for his/her dreams.

The sole intention of this mentorship NGO is tapping talents and nurturing potential brains which will later revolutionize the global business and every aspect of life around the world in future. As an organization we are very happy to inspire many young people in our country and give them a new meaning of life.

Kenya has more than 3000 schools; the schools are fairly distributed to different parts of the country. CMCF will focus on offering mentorship programmes through encouraging the students to identify social entrepreneurship projects in the community and working on them to provide solution to different needs in the societies social entrepreneurship is a greater key to effective empowerment.

To be the best world class Organization that aim on developing youths to focus on sustainable development as a solution to daily problems.

To set a world platform where young people are encouraged to change their way of thinking in order to have a better life in future.

1. To provide mentorship programme focusing on entrepreneurship especially social entrepreneurship for the betterment of the communities.
2. To encourage students and youths to get involved in early academic and talent development as a way of self developement.
3. Play a role in transition from academic life to working environment.
4. Promote goodwill and international understanding through the youth exchange initiatives.
5. Create a platform for an early reading and habits that promote dignity.
6. Promote peace and co-existence among the youths for a better society.

E-mail changemindchangefuture@yahoo.com
Contact Person: Grace Maina (+254) 0720251263
More information at  http://www.changemindchangefuture.org/

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