29 Oct 2013

NGO for November - Youth of Agro-Marine Development Association (SOMALIA)

Youth of Agro-Marine Development Association (YAMDA) is non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan association. It is an independent association which is dedicated to promoting and developing the Agricultural and Coastal area of Lower Shebelle Region. Therefore, YAMDA was established to upgrade and teach new methods of fishing and farming to the small scale fishers and farmers to benefit the resources of their land.

YAMDA association consists of seven persons; three female and four male. Majority of the members are agricultural graduates. YAMDA has its headquarter in Merka-Somalia and it focuses on small households made of fishers and farmers in the region.

YAMDA was established by Somali youth agriculturalists and Marine professionals with more experience and knowledge on Somali agriculture and Marine from different agriculture universities and different regions as well as being knowledgeable on project management.

YAMDA has grown up to be one of the active associations working agricultural and marine programs. It purposes to keep the Somali people well informed on the trends of Marine and agricultural development. 

Our dream is to eradicate any form of hunger in Somalia while ensuring that the fishers and farmers have access to a ready market for their produce.

YAMDA strives to use developed appropriate agricultural and coastal knowledge to enhance creation of agricultural and Marine cooperatives, to provide training and technical support to small scale farmers and fishers on best farming practices thus promoting sustainable development.


1. To reduce hunger by encouraging sustainable agricultural and marine practices by small scale farmers and fishers.
2. To improve farms and seas livelihoods and encourage farmers and fishers to focus on quality and quantity of their produce.
3. To improve the nutritional status of the rural and urban centers.
4. To improve the economical and social status of the vulnerable farmers and fishers.
5. To provide a source of income for the vulnerable people.


1. Holding workshops and seminars with fishers and farmers on marine and agricultural technology.
2. Training small scale fishers and farmers on modern Marine and agricultural science. 
3. Creation of Marine and Agricultural Cooperatives by giving investment.
4. Agricultural and marine inputs distribution to poor small farmers and fishers such as treated seeds, fertilizers, Insecticides, boats, Nets and Motors etc.
5. Encouraging small scale farmers and fishers to increase their production through Agricultural and Marine extension.
6. Development of market infrastructure and marketing systems.

Further information about YAMDA - tel: +252615813281 email: yamda.ngo.org@gmail.com

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