10 Jan 2014

New Year Message

The start of a New Year is the time to reflect on progress in the last year and consider the opportunities and challenges for 2014.

2013 brought thousands more people together to the NAYD family. Our facebook
Facebook Group
membership increased rapidly, presently adding over 2000 members per month. We are currently at 16,000 people and counting. Other social media membership includes
LinkedIn: 459, Yahoo: 496, Google Inspire group:1996. We also started a twitter account @NAYDinfo - please follow us! Our registered members reached 1650 in 48 African countries and beyond. Details and geographic locations of registered members can be seen at http://www.nayd.org/members.htm. If you wish to join us please complete the form at http://www.nayd.org/join.htm.

Energy Globe Award
Paul Shaw receives the Energy Globe award
NAYD was awarded an energy globe award in June for its efforts in promoting youth and sustainable development in Africa.  Energy Globe is recognised as a world leader in sustainability awards and honours sustainable projects in the 5 categories of fire, water, earth, air and youth. Further information about the award can be found at http://www.energyglobe.info/

African Youth Development Summit
The purpose of the AYDS was to set benchmarks for a youth-led roadmap to sustainable development in Africa. The continuous relative failures of the UN led climate change and sustainability talks and the deep concern that if the world leaders weren't (and still aren't) willing to commit to a global sustainable future sparked the move to hold a summit where African Youth could take ownership of the problems facing humanity by driving a sustainable
future for Africa. Many of the continental youth groups and some global youth organisations held hands with NAYD to help realize the need for Africa to have its own post 2015 MDG's since the continental's problems are unique in many respects. We received 700 applications and 50 abstracts but unfortunately, despite concerted efforts by a UN volunteer-led fundraising team we had to postpone the summit until a later date. We suspect many potential funders held back because they were concerned that supporting an independent African youth-led summit would conflict with many political agendas. We are presently working with the World Youth Peace Movement, in conjunction with the African Union 50th Anniversary to see if we can resurrect the summit in 2014.

Debate: Aid verses Development
NAYD held its first ever debate on Google Hangout entitled ‘Aid verses Development’ (it can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbXtBRhS3G8). The idea behind the debate is to bring to the fore a topic which is affecting youth-led sustainable development in Africa. We selected 6 volunteers, 3 on each side of the argument to offer the case for and against Aid. Although technical iss
Samuel Duru argues the case for development
ues restricted the number who could take part we still managed to get robust comments from both sides. It's definitely an issue that needs to be discussed further because it was felt that a dependency culture on Aid is detrimental to development and, apart from emergency relief, should be treated very cautiously. We are hoping to hold further debates this year and we will be calling out to you to get involved.

Our expert volunteers continue to write BLOGS for HIV/AIDS  and Climate Change for which we are very grateful. Please support these BLOGS by clicking on the share buttons and by making comments. We also support many of our members BLOGS by RSS feeding them to our 16,000 facebook members to ensure they enjoy a wide, global readership. We also make every effort to promote our members activities through INSPIRE, NGO of the month and through providing a free web design service and specific NAYD emails.  INSPIRE gives you a platform to Inspire others, and no-one inspired the world more than Nelson Mandela, and we share South Africa's deep sorrow for his loss. He touched so many of our lives, some of our members tributes can be read here. Our first edition of INSPIRE in 2014 will feature a special edition of Madiba.

Finally, NAYD would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for your kind support, professional advice, appreciation, emails and messages in the year 2013. We are very much encouraged by your kind words. 2013 is now gone and we find ourselves in a new year and a new chapter in our lives. We wish that it brings you peace, health, happiness and fulfilment.

NAYD Board

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