1 May 2014

NGO for May - Hope For the Needy Cameroon (HOFNA)

HOFNA is a youth-led, not for-for-profit, Non-governmental Organization dedicated to supporting the marginalized youth in Cameroon to achieve lasting positive change in their lives. It further seeks to enable the young to attain independence through education, Self-Help, Healthy Living and Entrepreneurship and by promoting Culture, Gender Sensitivity, Innovation and Leadership. It does this through the use of sustainable, community-based approach which involves working together with the youth and women to build capacity in a way that promotes self-reliance. HOFNA has a team of qualified overseers for the various programs. There are various communities that benefit from its programs which are basically focused in four areas of action:

Women and Human Rights: The fact that women are among the groups of marginalized people in society creates a need for HOFNA to step in and take meaningful action. HOFNA believes that empowering and investing in women fundamentally strengthens families and societies. This is done by developing women skills, creating political and economic platforms for the women so that they can actively take part in the process of community development. Specifically, the women empowerment program seeks to transfer tools, strategies, and lessons and promote cooperation among women. Mobilizing women and bring them together for networking has also proved to be such a great asset. 

Education: Among its major programs is education. HOFNA believes in the power of education to transform a generation and does so by collaborating with orphanages and schools in poor and vulnerable communities to support comprehensive education by providing books, scholarships and other resources. Besides that it also empowers the youth with skills such as dress making, catering, embroidery, carpentry and computer literacy. Specifi
c to the education program is the MER – Making Education Realistic Project. MER project promotes education in the North West Cameroon and is a result of the fact that some places education especially of the girl child is not seen as a priority. The MER project has so far supported 40 youths, among them 29 girls to attend primary school.

Health and HIV/AIDS: HOFNA believes community health is a major human right. Believing that ‘Health is Wealth’ it seeks to attend to the many health challenges in the community such as water, hygiene and sanitation issues, maternal health, malaria and HIV/AIDS. Health can be an expensive issue in the community considering the physical, social and economic effects. HOFNA organizes and trains groups of women and youths on preventative methods of transmission of HIV as well as control, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Agriculture: Agriculture being a major source of livelihood for many in Africa it forms the fourth focus point by HOFNA. Agriculture goes hand in hand with environmental conservation and for HOFNA it is equally important. It seeks to empower local forested communities targeting the youth and women by initiating tree planting, planting of medical plants, bee keeping, organic gardening that are responsive to global environmental concerns for sustainable livelihoods. With no doubt HOFNA is among the many community based youth-led organizations that are relentlessly working towards moving Africa to a self sustaining continent. Connect with them to find out how you can be involved or to learn from them and hopefully get inspired to do something in your community. Contacts: http://www.hofnacameroon.org/index.html.


  1. Congrats for the great job your are doing to impact positively your community. Keep Impacting

  2. Hello Paul, Greetings from Bamenda. I want to thank you for the publicity given to HOFNA Cameroon by making it NGO for month of May for NAYD. I also want to share my joy in respect to the fact that I am one of the 12 recipients of the PresIdent Obama's Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. I am one of the 12 that were selected from over 2000 applications back here in Cameroon. Kindly check the details at the official Press release of the U.S Embassy here in Cameroon. http://yaounde.usembassy.gov/lns_051614.html