3 Jul 2014



This month we are celebrating the HAC organization that works in Ghana to ensure an Africa with strong confident youth characterized by active community engagement and a commitment to achieve both collective and personal aspirations. Help The African Child works mainly with vulnerable children in the community in terms of poverty, malnutrition, child labour, slavery, disease and systemic inequality. It was founded in the year 2007 in Accra and operated in small projects until it was finally registered in the year 2012. It focuses on different projects from health and hygiene to environment to education to agriculture and to taking care of vulnerable children.

Child labour being rife in some parts of Ghana as well as the children being exposed to different challenges HAC works to ensure such children get a better chance in life by placing them in orphanages or foster care. Case in point is the young men living in the slum of Agbogbloshie, as seen in this short video these young boys are eager to learn and become responsible members of the society. http://www.ghanaspride.org/ At the same time the film highlights the dangers of electronic waste in the slum and how it affects the communities living there.

The young soccer players
HAC also uses sports to promote peace, unity and development in the society by bringing children from different communities together in different sports like netball, soccer, basketball, boxing and volleyball.

This sports program saw the establishment of Ghana's Pride Football Club which involves children aged between 8-17 years and which works in conjunction with the Nike Foundation and the Los Angeles  Unified School District. These children gain physical, mental and life skills through these program.

Children enjoying their meal

In the 21st century it is important not only to forge meaningful partnerships but also to make them work. In this regard, HAC works with other local organizations and international organizations in projects like the Breakfast for Hope Project which seeks to provide breakfast to young school children so that they may not only be healthy but concentrate in class activities. HAC also welcomes volunteers who can work individually or in group activities withing the major projects.

To learn more about the projects and how to get involved get in touch with Help The African Child (HAC) via email HacGhanaFoundation@gmail.com. Check their activities on their Facebook site here https://www.facebook.com/HelpTheAfricanChild/timeline.

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