2 Aug 2014



Youth without Borders Association is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2011 by a group of youth and for youth, which aims to develop associative culture, the spirit of volunteering, participation and citizenship among young people in Tunisia.

YWB works to initiate the different categories of people, especially youth and women, to the democratic exercise through a better participation in the public, political and civic life in order to build a better future for Tunisia. It does this through three major pillars; election observation, civic participation and electoral education and leadership training and capacity building for women and youth. YWB works at the national and regional level through partnership with several civil society actors.

The objectives of YWB organization include:
  • To contribute to the spread of a culture of dialogue, volunteering, initiative and openness towards plurality and diversity.
  • To contribute to the development and the consolidation of the values of active citizenship, and fostering the national identity among the youth.
  • To contribute to the promotion of democratic and transparent elections through monitoring and awareness-raising programs and training.
  • To contribute to youth awareness in order to preserve and protect private and public properties.
  • Organize training, seminars, workshops, camps, and activities seeking youth integration in the civil society, and identification of their issues and ambitions.
  • To participate in international and regional conferences and seminars to promote the Tunisia in diverse domains.
  • To organize think tank activities and the publication of researches and studies in multitude domains on youth advocacy, women empowerment, education, human rights, development, health related issues, environment and sports.

To achieve these objectives YWB has a variety of projects that it has implemented in the community with positive results. These projects vary from women participation to election observation to empowering young girls to take part in community leadership. A major example of such a project is the umbrella HEYA Program which is a regional program implemented in six countries in the MENA region including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia and Irag. Youth Without Borders works with other five NGO partners and represents Tunisia in the program. The HEYA Program aims to increase women's active participation in public spheres in the MENA region for sustainable and gender equitable changes in policies and practice to ensure that the voice of women at all levels including the marginalized is heard. It spans three years and 720 women are set to benefit from this program in Tunisia.

YWB have had many achievements in their quest to make Tunisia a country with equal chances for everybody including women and the youth. Among the achievements is the Convoy of Women and Citizenship on July 2011 to sensitize women to actively take part in the election. Another area of achievement is the 'I elect, I decide the future of Tunisia' Forum that took place in five regions, Beja, Tataouin, Kef, Tozeur and Monastir, with the presence of the Higher Independent Commission of the Election and three experts in the field of election. This program included dialogues, youth competitions and awards.

To learn more of the current projects by YWB, their desire to create more relationships with international and regional organizations and how you can be involved contact them through this information.

Youth Without Borders Association - Tunisia

Address: 42 Rue Chedly kallela, 2nd floor, 1002 – Tunis; Tu

Phone &Fax number: (+216) 71890877

Contact Person : Mr. Ahmed ALLOUCH

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