1 Sep 2014



This month we move to Mozambique to highlight and celebrate the efforts of  Coalizao an organization that works to ensure that there is a community of youth who participate, are proactive, and knowledgeable of their rights and duties and are committed to improving the quality of life of the Mozambican Society. It was set up in August 2005 with headquarters in Maputo City but working across the whole Nation. It was legalised in October 2006 and has been a government partner since in coordination and implementation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs in cooperation with the Ministries of Education, Health, Youth and Sports, and CNCS.

Coalizao mainly focuses on three areas of community development; Health which encompasses Sexual and Reproductive Health and Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Gender Empowerment and  Advocacy.  In SRHR their mission is to ensure the young have total access to their sexual and reproductive rights. It has its headquarters in Maputo City but it has its programs in Moamba, Ressano, Manhica, Gaza, Sofala, Zambezia and Nampula. 

Coalizao recognizes the power of synergy to make a difference and as such partners and continues to partner with different organizations both local and international. Between 2010 - 2011 it worked with Pathfinder International and Tides Foundation in a project to encourage groups to discuss the inclusion of family planning services in HIV/PMTCT/ ART at the level of public sanitary units.With Kutenga and UNDP they held programs to increase the knowledge about HIV/ AIDS risk practises and multiple simultaneous relationships and Sexual and Reproductive Health among adolescents and and young people in Maputo City with a view to reduce the number of sexual partners.They also have partnered with Voice of America to produce a radio show 'Life Without Fear' which focused on teens sexuality and their relationship with adults. Coalizao has also worked with UNFPA, JELCS among others.

These are the focal areas that Coalizao base their work on-

a.       SSH
            i.      Contraception/ Life planning /FP
            ii.      Abortion
            iii.      ITS/HIV
            iv.      Access of Services
            v.      Prevention and Promotion of SRHamong Adolescents and Youth
b.       Alcohol  and Drugs

a.        Forced Unions
b.       Economic Empowerment for Girls
c.        Prevention of Gender Based Violence
d.       Retention / Reintegration of Girl in School

e.        Decriminalization of Abortion
f.        Human Rights - Universal Periodic Review Mechanism
g.     Female Condom- Control and Logistics Mechanism.

Find out more about the work of Coalizao and how you can get involved both locally and internationally

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