2 Dec 2014



Eaglesworld Initiatives at work.
In 2007, the founder of Eaglesworld Initiatives, Desmond Kofi Akwaah started developing a HIV and AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health book (Dialogue/Dramatic) for basic level of educational system. Even though HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights have been introduced into the Ghana Education Service school curriculum since year 2001, there were no handbooks and educational materials to support meaningful teaching. With the support of the HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health educational material, Eaglesworld Initiatives visited both private and public elementary schools to educate the pupils on HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

In year 2010, Desmond registered the NGO, Eaglesworld Initiatives, with support from two like-minded colleagues, Sarfo Nantwi and Isaac Koomson so that activities could be conducted formally and also get a platform to get into partnership with Civil Society Organizations, Individuals and Governmental organizations to help address the numerous health and social problems confronting people in the society. Eaglesworld Initiatives is now into partnership with other organizations and working to address social and health challenges faced by the youth in Ghana.

To provide an effective HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights education strategy that will encourage youth participation in educating their peers on the subject.

1.      Provide practical and emotional support to people with HIV/AIDS, their families, friends, and loved ones.
2.      Educate the public about HIV/AIDS and its prevention, actively confronting discrimination of people living with HIV.
3.      Act as an advocacy for people affected by HIV/AIDS.
4.      Work cooperatively with and provide assistance to the healthcare community and other social service organizations.
5.      Represent the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS on a communal, regional and national level; and ensuring their fair and equitable treatment.
6.      Work closely with other organizations with the aim of achieving the MDGs.

The SRHR project is done with the Senior High Schools in Ashanti Region of Ghana. Ashanti Region is the most populous region in Ghana with its capital, Kumasi, as the second largest city in Ghana. Senior High School students are aged between twelve years to Nineteen years and are actively developing as adolescents. Eaglesworld Initiatives is targeting forty Senior High Schools and the average students population is one thousand five hundred. At the moment, they have successfully reached twenty two schools in the region and taken them through activation.

The activation is in two parts: a short drama segment and an interaction with the students including discussions, questions and answer segment led by a trained peer educator. Souvenirs such as T-shirts, school bags, wristbands are given to the students during the interaction segment. SRHR educational fliers are also given to the student. Their mobile phone numbers are also taken for them to receive messages on SRHR once in a week. 

·         Developed a HIV/AIDS educational brochure to educate the youth with technical assistance of UNAIDS Ghana and Ghana AIDS Commission.
·         Developed a HIV/AIDS educational material (small booklet) dubbed: HIV MESSAGE against FOOTBALL MESSAGE, to educate the teeming football (soccer) fraternity on HIV and AIDS with technical assistance from Ghana AIDS Commission.
Engaging the students.
·         Educated upper primary school pupils (both public and private) on HIV and AIDS.
·         Educated Senior High School students on HIV and AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health in different platforms in schools and during inter-colleges athletics competitions.
·         Educated Kayayie girls (head potter) at lorry and market places on HIV\AIDS and SRHR issues as part of a project organized by Pamela Bridge Water Foundation for Kayayie girls.

The major challenge encountered is funding. All the projects done by Eaglesworld Initiatives only the current one, SRHR education for Senior High Schools, has external support. All the other projects to educate upper Junior High and Senior High school student either in school or outside school, kayayie girls on HIV and AIDS, were all done without any external support. With the passion to do it, Desmond and colleagues work extremely hard to raise money for the projects.

Other challenges have been the walls international institutions and state institutions build around themselves preventing up coming organizations to reach them for partnerships especially in technical assistance in addressing most problems in society. For example, the two HIV educational materials developed were sent to them and they added their inputs and corrections, but after the congratulatory messages no much help comes forth in pushing them forward. 
This, however, does not stop the progress of the projects because the people behind Eaglesworld Initiatives have the passion to serve the community and impact development in Ghana.

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