1 May 2015



Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) is an umbrella organization that is formed by many organizations working for the ultimate good of the community in different thematic areas like governance, gender and mobilization of the community. GDCA’s main philosophy is that people are capable of leading the change that they desire for themselves and in this regard they seek to empower the people to work towards the change they want to see in their communities by becoming more aware of the situations that need change within the community and addressing them. Some of the member organizations include Dalun Simli Centre (DSC), Simli Pong, Simli Radio, School for Life (SFL) and Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP)

Through the above mentioned organizations, Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) is involved in various community development activities. One such major activity is improving the capacity of CBOs and local NGOs through the CBO-LOM Unit which is charged with the function of holding public office holders accountable and leading in the development of their communities.

An important aspect of development at any level whether national or local is information and how this information is communicated to the people. In this regard, GDCA has in its fold a community radio, Simli Radio, which is the first community radio in Northern Ghana located at the Dalun Simli Centre. Simli Radio transmits on the frequency of 95.3MHz FM, transmitting in the local language and run by volunteers. Its major areas of focus are education and literacy, health and sanitation, democracy, culture, youth and women’s development, peace-building, economic and social development.

GDCA also seeks to strengthen the participation and representation of women at the local and national level of governance in the Northern Region of Ghana. They aim to increase civic awareness gaining support for women in politics, increasing the number of women representation in local governance system in six districts by 30% and to increase the number of women contesting in national level elections in six districts by 20%.

To find out more about the activities that GDCA is working on and how you can be involved at your community contact them through the details below.

Contacts details
The Executive Director
Ghana Developing Communities Association
P.O. BOX TL 2211 Tamale Main
CM Block IV, Civil and Culture Plot Choggu/Agric Tamale
+233 (0)372025563/ +233 (0)244722308

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