3 May 2015


Theme :
"Our differences a force for peace and contributing to good governance."
Nonviolence is a voice output for all security crises and agitations which are currently be seen today on the surface of planet earth. On the one hand individuals who demand good governance and the other young manipulate and exploit that flows into a perverse game without positive interest to the people.

 If today families can be provided with means or strategies to teach their children,   from low ages, the value of life is the importance of peace, mutual love, in 20 years we can observe a positive change and this can be effected gradually eradicate armed tensions that are doing bathe the planet earth in a blood chao.   And for those who have no family, those who have not had the chance to go to school, the homeless, and other vulnerable ...: that the world political system quickly finds a solution within the framework of good governance by organizing a strategy management and monitoring youth to avoid the worst. Be careful! The number is spirit to grow overnight.   But do not forget the efforts that the United Nations and putting into works by the new strategy of support to the youth.

The other aspect to be taken into account is the socioeconomic problem  that plays a key role in the emergence of these armed groups see it go even to terrorism, because on one hand they are young people without   employment who are spirited joining of  such bloodthirsty movements. Admittedly it is a wrong decision and I think it is not a correct way to act against the chaumage as the ability to create small income generating activities is open to all.

In Lubumbashi, young people already go towards a possible solution addressing this problem that needs to be dealt   with   from the root. This led to held from 20 to 23 April 2015 the International Peace University in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This framework has been set up by the Youth Movement for Dignity and Development "MJDD acronym" in collaboration with MONUSCO and other organizations including A FUTURE FOR ALL South Kivu. Under the theme: "our differences a force to build peace and good governance". The foundation, set apart the representation of organizations from other provinces of the DRC: for example A FUTURE FOR ALL "in acronym F4A» South Kivu, CONGO LAND HOPE, the Network of Young African Development  NAYD; they also saw the participation of young people from other African countries to share with their Congolese counterparts on how youth should  be involved in self care.
In conclusion the participants made some recommendations which will guide the leaders in the execution of an awareness program including:
 - That young people should be engines for change in mentality and the fight against corruption.
- That young people should organize campaigns of sensitization for the promotion of civic education, which is the pillar of social development.
- That the youth is not involved in armed struggles, but they give the ideas and recommendations for strengthening government strategies. 
- That young people are involved  in decision-making bodies.
                                             By Alex Musenga
                                              Executive Secretary to A FUTURE FOR ALL and Representative of South Kivu province to international peace university.
And André Moliro
NAYD Country Coordinator and Coordinator HOPE LAND CONGO

Global Youth Ambassadors / A World At School  

André Moliro
RDC - Kinshasa

Leader Center Entrepreneurial Agricultural of the Young people /HOPE LAND CONGO
Global Youth Ambassador / A WORLD AT SCHOOL
A member of Innove4africa / Programme of Synapse Center
Chargé de Communication de la CARAC RD Congo

+243 81 16 07 726

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