3 Jun 2015


The very first Solar Suitcases from WCS USA were donated to two health centers. The installation of the solar suitcases and lighting of Kuk Integrated Health Center and Kumfutu Health Center were done on the 6th and 7th March 2015 respectively.

The solar Suitcase was installed on Kuk health facility on the 6th March 2015. BAPESU team arrived at Kuk village and after a very warm welcome from the massive population at the Fon’s Palace went directly to Kuk Integrated Health Center. After the installation of the solar panels on the roof of the hospital, the solar suitcase (box) was installed inside the delivery room of the health facility. After just a few minutes of charging, the solar lights were switched on to the spontaneous applause of the very delighted population that came out to witness the solar suitcase installation. The population was predominantly women of child bearing age. The beneficiary population sang songs of joy, praises and danced for about an hour in disbelief of the wonderful gift to their community.

BAPESU’s team arrived at the Kumfutu Health Center on the 7th of March 2015. The team headed by Christian Tabifor (Coordinator) experienced serious difficulties on the road with car breakdowns for over 4 hours. The Kumfutu Health Center medical team alongside the local population welcomed the arrival of the Solar Lighting with singing and dancing (please refer to videos). After consultation with the health center staff the rooms to be installed with lights were chosen which included the main delivery and post natal room.

The Solar panels were installed on the front end of the middle roof then the solar box was fixed on the wall of the child delivery room. The lighting cables were then connected. After some few minutes of light solar panel charging, the two lights in both the delivery and post natal rooms were switched on. The population that was present at the installation was so happy. They referred to the solar suitcase lighting as a new beginning for the community in reducing childbirth mortality and improving medical care services.

The medical staff of Kumfutu Health Center expressed great gratitude for the donated lights.  

Testimonial: The Traditional leader that is the Royal Fon of Kuk who is more than 125 years of age expressed his profound gratitude to BAPESU and WCS for making lighting available for their health center. He joyfully said “My ancestors are also very happy and I think if I die today, I will be happy in my grave”. Thank you BAPESU and WCS”.

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