1 Jun 2015



The Post-2015 development under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will need a more people-powered approach that will be inclusive. It is for this reason that NAYD seeks to involve and reach out the youth-led CBOs and NGOs which are working at the community level. One way through which NAYD does this is by highlighting and celebrating one NGO every month by showcasing its work to the public and telling the world how it is impacting change in the society. This is in the hope that it will inspire more young people to rise up and do something to address a challenge in the local community; After all NAYD hopes for a youth-led development in Africa.

This month, NAYD is focused on the work done by Haden in the Niger led by Zeinabou Ibrahim and operating in the regions of Niamey. Haden’s most activities are aimed at hygiene and sanitation with an action plan that will not only eradicate and minimize cases of diseases related to hygiene but also steer social and economic development in the community. Health having been provided for in the MDGs development agenda and now the SDGs still continues to be a factor that hampers development in many ways. This makes it factor that must be addressed in a multispectral approach, one of them being tailoring specific programs towards hygiene in the community as Haden does.

Haden’s mission is to see a clean city with reduced waste and garbage. They propose doing this by establishing cells of hygiene in the most affected areas, creating awareness, continuing with garbage collection, rehabilitation of septic systems, training on basic hygiene and sanitation, and partnering with the government among other activities. Some of these are already on-going. 

To contact or find out more about Haden's work and what you can do check their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/ONGHADEN

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