1 Jul 2015

July 2015: NGO of The Month

The AJDI Team


The Association for the Promotion of Health for Communities Development through ICT "AJDI Burundi" is a supporting and mentoring organization which is apolitical and non-profit according to the Burundian law. It aims at the promotion of health in the community for development through information, education and creating awareness. 

AJDI Burundi is an organization that is for the youth by the youth and as such they work specifically with young people. One of their main objective is the promotion of well-being and quality of life of communities through new technologies. It is the only organization in Burundi using ICT to educate young people about sexual and reproductive health (SRHR). Using technology in various forms to reach the youth allows them not only to have a variety of information on sexuality and reproduction but also a chance to ask questions in privacy without fear of victimization.

AJDI trains public health workers on modern communication and maintenance techniques so that they may know how to communicate with their patients in privacy and give them feedback that may help them in maintaining good health practices and contribute to the country’s development. Good health is a major resource for social, economic and personal development and an important dimension of wellness which is why AJDI is convinced that by performing these activities they contribute to the building of a new Burundi that is developed and healthy.

Backed up and supported by The EU, Net for Africa, Eurosha, PAPSBU Amagara meza, The Renato MONOLO Hospital, AJDI Burundi is running four programs:
1.    Code for Burundi
2.    SRHR
3.    IT training
4.    Job creation for the youth

AJDI Code For Burundi Project
AJDI's future goals include partnering with other organizations which work with teenagers and schools to establish a “SRHR Young and Teenage Centre” and a “SRHR Education in Schools” program. The reason for these programs is because in Burundi there is no specific program on sexual and reproductive health education. The few notions of biology and civics courses are not sufficient as students and school children are in a sexually active age group and need relevant information. The consequences of this lack of comprehensive education on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Burundi are harmful to the community.

Contact Details:
AJDI's website is still under construction but you can find some information in French, at the moment, via www.ajdi-burundi.org
Cell: +257 79 317 362 or +257 69 573473
E-mail: aimable@ajdi-burundi.org

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