22 Jul 2015



What do you do when you notice a problem in your community? You can either ignore it or you can become proactive and do something about it. This is an article about doers that exist among us. To arrive at a youth-led development in Africa means having more young people involved in various activities. There are many young people doing great things out there in the community but we need more people to rise up and do something. In this digital age where everything is characterized with speed and the need for fast results it is possible to be discouraged from taking action. However some young people out there continue to inspire us to do more; if we get more young people taking initiative then a developed Africa will be a reality in time and not just an illusion.

Stephen Machua with The 25 Under 25 Award
Today we highlight such a young person who has been working at the community in different capacities for a long time now. Stephen Machua is a Kenyan whose passion for volunteerism and social media has influenced most of his work at the community. For his extensive service at the community Stephen has just been recognized by KCA University among other young people with The 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs 2015 Award.

Stephen is the Co-Founder of Change Mind Change Future a youth led NGO based in Kenya. He previously served as a volunteer for the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) (2014), Rotaract Club President (2012/2013), Voluntary ambassador for Jamie Oliver Food Revolution (2012), organizing committee member for the first African Youth Charter Summit (2013), Organizing committee member for Umeclick Peace Campaign (2012/2013), University Student Leader (2011/2012) and Organizing committee member for the Rotary Family Health Day (2011).

Stephen receives the award
He is also the founder of AFROM Media, a social enterprise which was founded in August 2014. It provides social media trainings and management services to businesses and organizations with the objective of expanding their operations, creating partnerships and building their capacity for optimization of their online revenue, reducing the cost of advertisement and publicity. AFROM Media has worked and continues to work as the social media partner of various organizations like The High Level Youth Policy Dialogue that was convened by the Organization of African Youths at the United Nations Office in Nairobi, The Timeless Women Conference at Safari Park Nairobi, The 2nd Africa Ecosystem Adaptation for Food Security Conference 2015 scheduled to happen at the end of this month at the United Nations Office in Nairobi.

In the spirit of been an all round community worker, Stephen is also involved with Cheza Sports Academy a youth soccer project operating in South B, Nairobi. It nurtures soccer talents and equips and equips life skills to the youth while aspiring to discover, nurture, develop and enhance growth of potential talent in football through youth programs.

Stephen has played a huge role in shaping up the conversation of the youth through social media. He is a longtime volunteer with Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) where he serves as a co-host of the weekly #NaydChat. This is an online chat that brings young people involved in development work in different capacities to talk about topical issues and inspire more action from the youth offline. #NaydChat continues to reach many young people across the globe and shape dialogues that translate into action at the community level.

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