4 Aug 2015

NAYD DRC member NEW DAY tells us about their activities

Sustainable waste management and urban sanitation in Bukavu

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, poor waste management is one of the causes of disease and pollution in several cities.In Bukavu, the people do not know that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste are piling up all over the city. The lack of good waste management policy poses serious problems that can be disastrous. In many neighborhoods there is the lack of refuse collection and the locals are forced to dispose of waste either on the street or in gutters or in the lake.

Aware of the need to intervene in this area, often neglected in national and local policies or international aid policies, NEW DAY association decided to organize on July 25, 2015 a green brainstorming workshop with young people on the theme: Sustainable waste management and urban sanitation in Bukavu.

The workshop objectives were to inform young people of the dangers of waste on human health, to encourage young people to participate in the remediation of the city of Bukavu and to get young people was a dynamic network exchanges to conduct research and pilot actions in order to find lasting solutions to the waste problem.

At the end of the workshop the young people proposed to organize regular collection, composting and recycling of waste and have requested that such activities be organized in all the municipalities of the city of Bukavu to inform young people about the dangers to human health and encourage them to be agents of development in their municipalities.

Champs-Paysan School - A promising approach for the young unemployed of Kavumu

School Champs-Paysan (CEP) is an approach that was developed in the years 1989 in Indonesia with the aim of informing rice farmers in integrated pest management. CEP is a method of community education and participatory extension; it is a school without walls where the agri-farmers learn by observation, by sharing and experimentation in their own fields. The purpose is not to educate farmers rather to empower them and make them capable of making their own decisions so they become experts in their own fields.

This approach has spread worldwide and has gone beyond integrated pest control to encompass all agricultural activities. Anxious to make a difference in finding a solution to youth unemployment problems in rural areas, NEW DAY association was inspired by CEP to mentor the young unemployed of Kavumu.

During the 2015 growing season, NEW DAY used this approach to improve the socioeconomic conditions of a group of 65 young unemployed in Kavumu and South Kivu. The project objectives were to teach young people good agricultural practices, organize youth group of producers, train and inform young people about the fundamentals of economic law and marketing of agricultural products and develop in young the idea of support through work.

At the end of the project 65 young unemployed have been able to produce and market vegetables; 49 young people have financial stability and are able to support themselves; in June 2015 the markets of the city of Bukavu were supplied by vegetables from the fields of youth Kavumu farmed NEW DAY association. To sustain these kinds of activities NEW DAY association wants to create a strong partnership with national and international organisations.

Ir. Prince Bobo, Co-Founder and
Deputy Co-ordinator, NEW DAY
email: princebobo67@gmail.com

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