3 Aug 2015



With a rapidly growing population and the growth in technology that is expected to improve life expectancy there is need to account for how this population will be fed. Sustainable Development Goal number 2 aims at ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. Food, without a doubt will play a major role in the next development agenda. Therefore more organizations and people working on improving the quality and quantity of food will be needed. One such organization is Freedom From Hunger Campaign in The Gambia.

Established in 1969, Freedom from Hunger Campaign (FFHC) envisions sustainable agriculture where farmers and rural communities in the Lower River Region of The Gambia have access to productive inputs leading to improved food security, income and welfare. It seeks to do this by improving farmers’ access to investment resources through rural financial intermediation and strengthening rural grassroots farmers’ institutions. Targeting women, children, men and the youth FFHC works through women associations and village institutions affiliated with the organization such as Village Development Committees, Women Kafoos and youth groups.

To arrive at food security in the community Freedom From Hunger Campaign runs various projects some of which include:
·         Rice Production ~enhances a safe and reliable access to rice fields by women farmers, construction of causeways and bridges.
·         Environmental Conservation ~strengthens the capacities of farmers and forest dwellers in the conservation and restoration of the natural forest cover through the promotion of community forest concepts and agro-forestry.
·         Income Enhancement Strategies ~includes the development of vegetable gardens through the use of low cost irrigation technologies, horticulture training and the creation of marketing linkages and the promotion of the production and marketing of honey.
·         Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives ~capacity building for communities on disaster preparedness and response techniques, supports disaster victims, literacy programs and trainings, infrastructural support in disaster affected or prone communities.
·         Low Cost Irrigation ~provides technical information, education, training and sensitization to farmers and the general public on the availability of a low cost, effective and efficient irrigation which includes drilling of tube wells, manufacturing and installing irrigation pumps and installing drip irrigation pumps.

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