14 Oct 2015

By Prince BOBO, Assistant Coordinator, NEW DAY

On September 14th , 2015 , the organization HARVEST PLUS signed a purchase  agreement with the organization CSAYN through the organization NEW DAY asbl. HARVEST PLUS donated 80 kg of beans seeds to start beans culture and implement the project. In order to encourage young people to practice agriculture, HARVEST PLUS will purchase all beans productions to the beneficiaries at a price estimated to 1.5 USD per KG. This measure will have the objective to value young people’s work.  

Thanks to  a partnership between HARVEST PLUS and CSAYN  through the organization NEW DAY asbl,  this seed multiplication of bio fortified beans project will address the issues related to the  lack of performance of young farmers from Mumosho. First of all, this project will provide jobs to idling youth. Secondly it will invite youth to practice smart agriculture. Therefore this project will help young people acquire basic economic notions through training and practice.

 The beans culture will be practiced in Mumosho where the organization NEW DAY asbl is renting a 1 hectare piece of land for youth from this area.  This project will help young people to deepen their knowledge in smart agriculture and also to promote the beans  in order to reduce food insecurity. Seed multiplication of bio-fortified beans is a project that aims at encouraging young people from Mumosho to practice smart agriculture as a local solution to reduce unemployment and food insecurity as part of sustainable development.

Harvest Plus is an organization that supports the population in the Easter Democratic republic of Congo ( Cities of Goma and Bukavu) of the Democratic Republic of Congo by supporting the population with agricultural seeds to support their actions. The project will be implemented in Bukavu precisely Mumosho among the areas affected by war in the country. 

HARVEST Plus is one of the  partners of the Network of African Youth Development  in Democratic Republic of Congo

Thanks to NAYD member Nina Benedicte Kouassi (benedicten.kouassi@gmail.com) for the translation.

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