17 Oct 2015

Commitment to the success of Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

To the Network of African Youths for Development

I write on behalf of the Organisation of African Youth to cement our commitment to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. We have been an integral part of Africa’s participation in the consultation and formulation of the goals, and therefore have it in our interest that the implementation of the written letter is executed effectively.

As part of our commitments, we have set up an SDG team led by our Organising Secretary for the constant evolution of programs and policy positions based on tangible research data that will be collected through the team as well as our collaborations with other expert Organisations in this regard. We have also agreed to strengthen the consultative machinery of Africa through dialogues and forums dedicated to establishing national and continental policy positions for the wholesome representation of youth in  multi stakeholder negotiations that will take place in these 15 years.  We have also identified entrepreneurship and  agrarian reform as a key component of our advocacy focus. Gender rights, including the elimination of child marriages, is a fundamental focus for our policy position on SDGs.

Furthermore we assert our relationship with the NAYD, serving as the coordinating organisation and correspondent for its operations in South Africa.  We believe that the forum provided by NAYD is essential to the success of our objectives, as well as the development of the continent in our lifetime.

Submitted to you in goodwill

Patson Malisa                                                                                                                                          President                                                                                                                     patson@oayouth.org

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  1. CANU Association Cameroon is committed to the success of the SDGs in Africa