9 Oct 2015

October 2015: NGO of the Month


October marks the start of the action period that will see the implementation of the sustainable development goals that just got adopted by the UN member states. Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) is keen to keep the conversation going so as to raise awareness at the community level. In that spirit, NAYD seeks to highlight the work done by youth-led community based organizations in Africa to push for development. This month we celebrate the work done by Mutual Generation of Tanzania (MGT).

MGT Annual board meeting
Mutual Generation of Tanzania (MGT) is a youth-led organization that works at the community in Tanzania to bring about social, cultural and economic development that is based on peace, mutual respect, love, equality, justice, humanity, caring, self-reliance, education, sustainable use of resources and proper ethics that will shape the future of Tanzania and the world at large. MGT envisions a Tanzania where all people responsively embrace the spirit of love to all, respect, justice, peace and innovation in the rural and urban areas.

The projects are aimed at facilitating the social development of the community through education that encourages self-reliance, improving social services, and advocating for conservation and proper utilization of natural resources.

Elia Mwigah addresses the people during The Think Out of The Box Semiar
 Find out more about the work done by Mutual Generation of Tanzania and how you can get involved by checking their website here http://www.mutualgenerationtz.ngonedo.org/welcome/index or contacting them via email at mutualgeneration@gmail.com.

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