1 Nov 2015


Centre for Livelihoods and Support to Sustainable Development, (CLISSD) Cameroon.

This month NAYD would like to celebrate the work done by CLISSD in Cameroon. Centre for livelihoods and support to sustainable development (CLISSD) Cameroon is a women, youth and community-based non-profit organization created in July 2012 by Epamba Comfort and supported by local community groups which aim to empower and transform the lives of the vulnerable, disadvantaged groups such as widows, single mothers, youths, displaced women and families, teenage mothers, girls who are school drop-outs, orphans and vulnerable children in hard-to -reach communities. CLISSD does this in projects that are not only community-centered but which are also focused on women and youth development.

CLISSD operates under the following objectives:

  • Enable and build sustainable economic empowerment of women, children and communities.
  • Create safe spaces for girls, women and young people while giving them opportunities to gain skills and knowledge through capacity Building, leadership development, advocacy and networking.
  •  Support girls, women and young people and give them opportunity to grow up in safe, healthy, empowered and poverty free communities.
  • Engage girls, women and young people in developmental policy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and decision making processes to end poverty, climate change, inequality and Injustices.

To make these objectives a reality, CLISSD has been working on different projects and programs among them:
  1. Creation of the Girls Tech Computer Centre in Molyk, Buea to provide computer training programs to teenage mothers, disadvantaged adolescent girls, women and unemployed youth to gain skills and knowledge, create wealth, create jobs and reduce poverty.
  2. Let Girls Learn Awareness Campaign –raising voices and empowering adolescent girls with educational, life and leadership skills to improve their education, health, rights and livelihoods for sustainable social change.
  3. Supported orphans with educational materials and clothes.
  4.  Identified and empowered more than 20 women in business development skills and provided startup capital which reduced gender based violence, supported education of girls and healthy families.

Though faced with challenges such as inadequate resources and finances, young people’s apathy towards development and poverty, CLISSD has successfully improvised various programs creating change in the society. They have empowered 500 girls, women and young people, created Peace Zones through peace initiative, dialogue, and camps in schools, communities and churches and improved livelihoods of local population and biodiversity conservation through community based ecotourism. This is just an example of the many achievements that CLISSD has registered over the years as they seek to foster sustainable development in Africa by serving humanity and transforming the lives of the vulnerable girls, women, youths, rural communities to total quality standards through sustainable education, empowerment, advocacy, skills based training, mentorship, and networking as their mission states.

To learn more about the amazing work done by CLISSD, connect with them through their Facebook Page or send them an email at Centre4livelihoods@gmail.com. You can also tweet them via @clissd.

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  1. CLISSD Cameroon through the Director Epamba Comfort is doing a great job in Cameroon raising louder voices on sustainable social change and empowering women,girls and young people in Cameroon.
    The current project :let girls learn awareness campaign- Power and Control over Adolescent Girl Health-educating adolescent girls on menstral cycle,ovulation calculator to prevent unwanted pregnancy and abortions which prevent them from dropping out of school,sexually transmitted disease and baby development of teen pregnant girls through ovuation calculator package kit, quality circles,SMS,whatsapp,facebook etc to improve health,reduce maternal dead and save unborn babies any where they are.