4 Dec 2015

December 2015: NGO of The Month


The year 2015 has been instrumental in pushing the world towards sustainability with the Heads of Nations adopting the 17 Global Goals that will form the foundation of development in the next 15 years. These Global Goals will need everybody to rise up and do their part at the community where they live as explained in this summary of a course that defines SDGs and explains how they can be achieved. NAYD believes that at the core of the Post-2015 development agenda is the efforts of the youth. Effective implementation will rely on the young people who are working in different ventures to address the challenges in their community. There are many young people out there doing different things and NAYD wishes to recognize their contribution to development. This is why every month, we select a Community Based Organization (CBO) or NGO working in The Global South and highlight their work. This month we are in Djibouti and we bring you a report of the work done by Association Djibouti Nature (ADN).  

Association Djibouti Nature- a BirdLife International Partner- is a registered independent, not-for-profit and membership-based non-governmental organisation in Djibouti that was established in 1999 whose mission is to contribute to the conservation efforts, sustainable management and appreciation of nature and to improve the livelihoods of people in Djibouti. 

Association Djibouti Nature operates from the standpoint that everybody has a role to play in the conservation of nature which can only be achieved through sound connection between people and nature. It does this by working with local communities, government bodies and other prominent stakeholders to raise awareness and highlight the need for the protection of the country’s natural inheritance for the benefit of present and future generations.

As BirdLife International’s Partner, Djibouti Nature acts as the leading authority on Djibouti’s avifauna. As such, its work concentrates in priority on Globally Threatened Species and Key Biodiversity Sites like the Critically Endangered Djibouti Francolin, the only endemic bird species in Djibouti and the ForĂȘt du Day (an Important bird and biodiversity area-IBAs) which is the main stronghold of this species, but also on other threatened species, such as Livistona carinensis, Dracaena ombet, and the Egyptian vulture.

ADN in Action/2015 Djibouti
Association Djibouti Nature envisions Djibouti as a country where people and nature live in harmony. To achieve this state its work is guided by these five values:
• Transparency about all its work
• Participative in working with others
• Respect for those it works with
• Partnership with others
• Commitment and availability of Board and supporters

Association Djibouti Nature works to conserve nature in Djibouti by focusing on these issues
1. Capacity Development (to make ADN bigger and better)
2. Environmental Education and raising awareness
3. Migratory Species (conservation action and raising awareness.)
4. Endangered Species (conservation action and raising awareness.)
5. Invasive species
6. Protecting sites such as forests
7. Eco-Tourism
8. Marine
9. Hazardous materials
10. Climate Change
11. Research and development

Workshop in Arta
You can learn more about the work done by ADN or how to partner in their projects on their website here or by contacting them via:
Houssein Rayaleh
Technical Advisor
Association Djibouti Nature (ADN)
Marabout –Immeuble Nasser A. Othman
P. O. Box 3088 –Djibouti,
Tel. +253 2135 6921 (office)
Cell. +253 7783 3768

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