6 Jan 2016

2016 New Year Message

Dear NAYD members,

Another year has passed and 2016 is already upon us. Its goodbye to the Millennium Development Goals and hello to the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).  NAYD membership continues to increase; with now over 60,000 on our facebook groups alone. So what have we done in 2015?

NGO of the month
NAYD continues to highlight the work done by youth-led CBOs and NGOs at the community level to impact positive change. Every month NAYD selects an organization working towards development in Africa through different projects and gives the organization great publicity throughout the month, enabling the possibility of partnerships. More information on the NGOs recognized below can be read here. If you would like your organization to be considered as an NGO of The Month this year send an email to judyannet@nayd.org.

Congratulations to the NGOs of the Month in 2015:
·         January-The Action Foundation, Kenya
·         February-City of Refuge, Friends Club, Nigeria
·         March-Sustainable Agricultural Organization, Mauritius
·         April-We Yone Child Foundation, Sierra Leone
·         May-Ghana Developing Associations, Ghana
·         June-Haden, Niger
·         July-AJDI, Burundi
·         August-Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Gambia
·         September-Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association, Somali
·         October-Mutual Generation of Tanzania, Tanzania
·         November-Centre for Livelihoods and Support to Sustainable development, Cameroon
·         December-Association Djibouti Nature, Djibouti

Throughout the year NAYD brought together young people through Twitter under #NaydChat to discuss topical issues affecting Africa. 2015 has been a significant year in terms of the adoption of the SDGs in September; NAYD played a part in creating awareness of the SDGs among the youth by hosting an expert in the 17 areas covered by the SDGs every Wednesday on #NaydChat. Past discussions on #NaydChat can be found here. This year NAYD will keep the SDGs momentum by moving the discussions to the implementation and evaluation of the goals as the world starts the next important phase of implementation. As such the chat will also focus on activities and projects happening at the community level with an aim to implement the SDGs. The chat is held every Wednesday at 2pm GMT.

Judyannet continues to host monthly discussion on Facebook under #RightAfrika. This is an open platform that allows young people to come together to discuss issues in Africa from politics to religion to development. The last discussion in the year focused on The African Dictator, with the youth discussing what creates the African dictator and the benefits that might result from dictatorship as well as problems. Past discussions can be viewed here.

Hangouts, BLOGS and INSPIRE
We held a few Google Hangout discussions on the #SDGs which can be found on NAYDtv. Thank you to the contributors and to Tinashe Dirwal for designing the posters. Thank you also to our volunteers who continue to write articles through our BLOGS and for the production of 3 INSPIRE e-magazines, for which we are very grateful

NAYD’s main focus in 2016 will be to continue spreading knowledge of the #SDGs using social media,  dedicated Country SDG Teams and through global partners like Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth, World Assembly of Youth and action/2015.  A team of researchers are currently assessing the answers to a questionnaire which asked the issues youth faced in implementing the #SDGs  - we will report the results in the next few weeks. A big thanks to Eric Mwangi for his efforts in overseeing this.

Some members ask why NAYD doesn’t raise funds to support development activities, and we would answer that our strength lies in encouraging sustainable development through providing a voice to our members by our on-line activities, including a free web design service and NGO of the month, by delivering relevant scholarship, grant, job and development information through an automated RSS feed system to our social media groups, and by on-line discussions and debates on youth-led sustainable development. We believe that over the last 9 years we have encouraged many new  members to become development actors, and as NAYD continues to grow, that many more will hold hands to help make Africa a better continent to live and work in. There is no doubt that social media will play a key role in helping implement the #SDGs over the next 15 years.

Everything that NAYD achieves is through the efforts of a dedicated core team of volunteers. Two of these members deserve special recognition - Stephen Machua, #NAYDchat host, for his election to President of the African Youth Union and Patson Malisa, South Africa coordinator, for becoming President of the Organisation of African Youth.

Finally, 2016 should be the start of a special time in development history. Lets count ourselves lucky that we are here to be part of it.

Paul Shaw and Judyannet Muchiri, NAYD steering group

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