1 Feb 2016

February 2016: NGO of the Month


The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO Africa) is a youth umbrella body for youth organizations working in Zimbabwe; with regional and international focus.  NAYO  is  premised  on  the  notion  that  the youth  have an  integral  role  to  play  in development at national, regional and global levels; a voice and platform throughout the spectrum of societal concerns.
The growing marginalization  of  the youth,  increasing  unemployment, social exclusion, gender based violence, inequalities, the vulnerability of youth and women to HIV and AIDS, among other key issues prompted youth organizations to seek a common platform  to address  these challenges in 2011. NAYO places immense value in diversity of people and ideas in order to achieve the highest possible standards. NAYO has 180 youth organizations and works with 630 youth advocates volunteering in diverse communities across the country.
NAYO envisions a repositioned, redefined and enhanced role of youth in community and national, regional and international developmental processes. It seeks to redress the challenges that the youth are facing and contribute towards their active participation in developmental processes through coordination, advocacy, capacity building and information sharing initiatives.

Current Projects
Civil Society (CSO) Continuing Campaign for Development Effectiveness
The project focuses on Development Effectiveness and Cooperation, Enabling Environment, Post 2015 Development Agenda and Human Rights based approaches (HRBA). One of its success is hosting of Regional training of Trainers (ToT) on Development Effectiveness for Africa where NAYO Africa in collaboration with CAMYOSFOP of Cameroon hosted the Africa ToT program that brought together youth delegates from select African countries (10) and leading youth organizations (8) within the country. The training sought to build the capacities of youth to engage on these issues and set a basis for national level activities as part of the “CSO Continuing Campaign for Development Effectiveness” program that runs till 2016 under CPDE. NAYO-AFRICA as the Global Youth Sector Coordinator in CPDE also facilitated the hosting other TOT in other regions such as Asia, the Pacific and Latin America.

Supporting National level activities in select African countries
Trained youth delegates from different regions were supported with seed funding to enable them to carry out national level trainings to cascade the skills on the local level. The realities of youth exclusion were brought to light and as part of the training the youth drafted a national action plan. In Zimbabwe youth agreed to form the National Youth Working-Group on Development Effectiveness (NYDE) to take up the agenda on development effectiveness, cooperation and SDGs. Currently NYDE has its secretariat housed at the NAYO Africa offices with youth consolidating their National Level Action Plan. Zambia will be guided by its National Action Plan on Youth for further and future engagements.

Enabling Environment for CSOs
As part of CSO Campaign for Effective Development Project- NAYO runs a program that seeks to usher an enabling environment for CSOs in Zimbabwe. The project is through Research and Advocacy. Currently, NAYO, in collaboration with Reality of Aid Africa (RoA) and CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), is carrying out a survey on Enabling Environment (EE) in Zimbabwe. This survey will be part of the Global Synthesis Report that seeks to measure the commitment of countries to Busan Partnership for Development Cooperation (Principles) being monitored by Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) currently chaired by Malawi, Netherlands and Mexico. The outcome will influence the interaction between CSOs, Government and Development Partners as enshrined in Busan. 

Capacity Building and Policy Advocacy
NAYO Africa has a program to give capacity to its members from community to national level; the development of capacities helps youth respond to the various challenges in their communities at the same time becoming key advocates and contributors to policy. NAYO collect youth concerns across the country and consolidate Key Asks and Policy Demands that respond to youth challenges.

Child Friendly Cities and Towns Pilot
NAYO is strengthening the civic participation of children in local governance and community processes by building the capacities of junior councils and local authorities.

Youth Entrepreneurship and Development Program
NAYO under its Development Effectiveness Cluster has a robust entrepreneurship Program that seeks to strengthen the livelihood for young people by giving them necessary skills and business tool kits for Start Ups. As part of the program NAYO carried out an Exchange Initiative; the program involved an exchange program between Zimbabwe and South Africa (through the National Youth Development Agency-NYDA) and other countries within the region. A key feature has been nationwide tours in participating countries where youths are learning from each other; in South Africa, youth delegates toured projects supported by NYDA in select provinces while in Zimbabwe the delegates toured projects supported under the various bank facilities in the 10 provinces.
In addition, the program entails Capacity Building into the diverse entrepreneurship models and approaches that seek to transform and improve government-run empowerment programs for youth. 

Jacaranda Youth Festival
The Festival is an annual event linked to the UN International Day of Peace (21 September) and has been running since 2011 and is now poised for its 6th edition. The Festival is one of NAYO’s public initiatives meant to turn the tide of negative impressions on youth, i.e. violent, irresponsible and social misfits into a positive new beginning showcasing that youth are desirous and able to be positive examples in their communities. NAYO hopes that by primarily and actively engaging Youth in transformative and non-violent processes, the Youth-led interventions will foster peace and a sustainable future in communities and the country as a whole.

AAAQ Water Research Project
NAYO, together with the Public Participation Platform members, has developed contextualized AAAQ indicators to achieve the realization of the right to water for Zimbabwe. As well as carrying out a National research on water supply and management titled, “Citizen Participation in Water Supply – Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, Affordability and Quality of water supply in Chimanimani, Chivi, Gweru, Hwange, Mangwe and Marondera Districts”. Public Participation Platform members are currently developing a National Plan of Action on Citizen Participation in Water Supply and carrying out advocacy efforts at grassroots and national level.

2015 Busan Global Partnership Forum (2015)
Representing youth at the 2015 Busan Global Partnership Forum where NAYO Africa made a short presentation titled, “Engaging the 'torch-bearers' - youth footprints on the Busan Agenda.” The topic focused on the Busan principle of Inclusive development partnerships advocating for the inclusion of youth in GPEDC processes as they were missing in most processes. NAYO following this has since been co-opted into the planning processes of the second GPEDC High Level Meeting (HLM) set for Kenya in 2016 and a plenary session specific to youth is now on the table with NAYO making inputs on behalf of the youth sector.

National Chairperson for the Youth Sector in Zimbabwe (2015)
NAYO, a member of the National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO), was selected to lead and represent the youth sector in Zimbabwe by sitting in the National Executive Committee (NEC) of NANGO in a term that ends in 2018. NANGO coordinates CSOs in Zimbabwe. The term will allow NAYO to better represent youth, engage with government and development partners towards the empowerment of youth and recognition of youth CSOs as critical in any development process.

CPDE Global Youth Working Groups (2015)
NAYO is now one of the Co-Chairs for the Post 2015 Development Agenda Working Group. NAYO will also be representing youth as Co-Chair in the Development Effectiveness Working Group (DE).

·        Limited Financing for youth development work
·   Restrictive enabling environment on the part of CSOs, especially on youth sector organizations

Contact Details
MacDonald Munyoro
+263 8644 121 604
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Twitter: NAYO Zimbabwe

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