10 Feb 2016

Youth Networks and Development: A Chat with NAYD's Founder

#NaydChat with NAYD’s founder Pochi Tamba
A Summary

NAYD’s origin and impact:
NAYD's Founder Pochi Tamba
Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) was started to respond to the need for African youths to unite and have their issues voiced out both locally and at the global level. With a membership of over 50,000 young people across the globe NAYD forms a great platform full of resources and the opportunity for the youth to share best practices and motivate themselves. NAYD has grown significantly since it was founded in 2007. It is a forum that gives the African youth the chance to voice their issues and concerns and this has largely been made possible through the internet.

Challenges faced by NAYD and other youth networks:
The biggest challenge is commitment. Not many young people are committed towards development, for various reasons, and this affects how the youth networks like NAYD work. It is important for those who are committed to maintain that spirit and encourage others.

Government partnerships:
Forming partnerships with governments has been a challenge for youth networks especially because the government prefers to work with a select few who they can control. However, it is possible to forge meaningful working partnerships with the government through commitment to what we do as development actors. With the numbers of young people in youth networks and their commitment to transform society it will be hard for any government to ignore the youth.

Strengths of youth networks:
There is need for the youth to take advantage of their numbers, the African continent has the most youthful population and this in itself is a power that the youth can harness in action towards development in Africa.

Action at the grassroots:
There is need for the youth working in youth networks towards development to transfer information and knowledge to the people at the community. This calls for training and dissemination of useful information to the community. This is especially important as we embark on an important mission of implementing the 17 SDGs. The community needs to be well informed so that everybody, including the youth, can take action right where they are in their local community with what they have.

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