2 Mar 2016

March 2016: NGO of the Month


DFA (Development for All) was founded in Lome, Togo on 16th January 2008. It was registered at the Ministry of Administration on 24th August 2010 and recently received governmental qualification by the Ministry of Development and Territory Planning on 22nd December 2015 as a Non Governmental Organization. DFA has a goal to contribute to the socio-economic development and better conditions for the communities based on the implementation of sustainable development projects agreed on at the national level. It also fights poverty through initiatives such as women’s empowerment, youth’s employment and entrepreneurship.

·         Reduce poverty in the base community
·         Encourage the use of renewable energy notably solar and wind energy among the population
·         Help the community to make good use of the natural resources such as forests and water
·         Fight against pollution in towns and in rural areas
·         Promote women empowerment and private initiatives
·         Contribute to the adult education
·         Help the base community to have access to primary health care
·         Promote better sexual and reproductive health among women
·         Promote clean water, sanitation and hygiene among the base community and rural population
·         Promote family farming and rural agriculture
·         Fight against malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and other STIs
·         Promote family planning services
·         Sustain education for young girls

·         Behavior Change Communication [BCC]
·         Train the trainers for youth entrepreneurship
·         Build training centers for the youths
·         Build health centers and school homes in towns and villages
·         Build wells and water supply in rural community
·         Install factories for agricultural products transformation
·         Organize public conferences and seminars
·         Write and implement projects and programs in favor of the base community
·         Conduct investigation and development studies to constitute databases
·         Develop partnerships with other NGOs both national and international

Development for All (DFA) has three main areas that it focuses on to impact the community positively. It works in the following focus areas to realize its vision and mission in Togo:
·         Sustainable development: Environment, Agriculture
·         Public health: HIV/AIDS/STI/SRH/FP
·         Youth employment and entrepreneurship

Current Projects
1. Varying domestic combustible by energetically revaluing of garbage in the Districts of Golfe and Zio in partnership with the France Embassy. This project consists of promoting the use of green energy for cooking at home. It is to help the community to produce and use biochacoal made of garbage and rice sticks instead of using charcoal from trees. The project is environmentally conscious as it aims at fighting deforestation and climate change.

2. Contributing towards improved sexual and reproductive health of commercial sex workers in 7 cities in partnership with EngenderHealth, AgirPF/USAID. This project is to introduce family planning services into the fight against HIV/AIDS and other STIs among commercial sex workers.

3. Comprehensive strategy to scale up the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program among the Togolese armed forces, veterans and their families in partnership with DHAPP via US Embassy in Togo. This project aims at fighting HIV/AIDS and other STIs by creating awareness, through BCC activities, and through counseling and testing among commercial sex workers in surroundings of military bases and camps in Togo.

4. Building artisans’ workshop for tailors in Lome in partnership with ILO (International Labor Organization). This project aims at promoting youth employment through entrepreneurship by recruiting young girls and boys who finish their apprenticeship as tailors but are not able to open their own workshops due financial and economic problems. They are offered an additional training for one year, they are provided with machines and other work materials and a workshop opened for them.

·         One biochacoal traditional factory installed at Kovie which is a nearby village.
·         About 500 commercial sex workers benefited from family planning services in 7 cities.
·         150 Behaviour Change and Communication (BCC) and awareness activities implemented.
·         300 commercial sex workers benefited from voluntary counseling and testing.
·         One enterprise of 7 tailors established.

Challenges encountered
The main challenge always encountered is fundraising or gaining sponsorships from international organizations and funding agencies. With a very limited budget it is not possible to increase DFA’s activities or to extend the projects to reach many beneficiaries across the villages and towns.

Contact Details
Contact Person: Mr. John Philippe Essiagnon ALAVO, Executive Director.
P.O.BOX: 18 BP 163, Lome 18.
Tel: Office (+228) 22 45 71 05
Mobile: (+228) 90 98 06 79 or (+228) 99 62 69 61.
Website: www.ongdfa.org

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