4 Apr 2016

April 2016: NGO of the Month

Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD)

Training session in Mugina
This month NAYD is highlighting the work done by Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) an NGO in Rwanda advocating for social and economic transformation of the people. RISD envisions a country that has equitable access to natural resources, specifically land, for sustained peace, social justice and economic stability.

Focusing on land policy, RISD has the following objectives:
·        Enhancing community participation in land related policies towards improving their livelihood
·        Elimination of gender inequality related to land rights
·        Enhancing the capacity of civil society in engaging in the implementation, monitoring and documentation of the national land policy
·        Advocating for pro-poor land policy
·        Contributing to the Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Peace Strategies through good land governance

Another training session
To meet these objectives, the Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) has various projects that it runs at the community. Such projects focus on:
  • Land dispute management skills training 
  • Research such as the Impact of land lease fee on land owners
  • Land reforms advocacy with a particular focus on women and the youth

You can find out more about the work done by RISD and how you can be part of it by visiting risdrwanda.org.

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