1 Jun 2016

June 2016: NGO of the Month

Gender and Livelihoods Opportunities for Rural Youth (GLORY), Uganda
Gender and Livelihoods Opportunities for Rural Youth (GLORY) is a youth-led community based organization that is based in Uganda. It was founded in 2013 and it operates in the Kaabong District, Karamoja. GLORY was formed with an aim to promote health and skills development especially for young people as a means of raising productivity, income and enhancing their competitiveness for sustainable development. 

Glory envisions a healthy and productive youth for transformed, informed, peaceful and empowered communities by 2030; to enable the youth to create enabling environment for informed, creative, self reliant, conscious and healthy communities for better livelihoods and sustainable future. To make this vision a reality, GLORY seeks to transform the youth through awareness, empowerment, participation and global partnership with development agencies. It also seeks to ensure sustainable utilization of natural resources and opportunities to meet the needs of global youth community without compromising the future generations to meet their needs.
Gender and Livelihoods Opportunities for Rural Youth works in the following areas
·         Health (HIV/AIDS) awareness and maternal health.
·         Livelihoods.
·         Gender Based Violence.
·         Environmental protection/ awareness.
·         Peace building and conflict resolution.
·         Child protection.
·         Pastoralism, land rights and Agriculture production.
Specifically Glory has been working on the following projects:
SCALAP-K (strengthening Capacities of local agencies project-Karamoja with funding from TASO)
1.      Support youth affected by HIV/AIDS in VSLA/VICOBA, and vocational training on craft making, weaving and hair dressing with funding from TASO -UGANDA/ IRISH AID. 
2.      Support for youth and women groups in IGA on carpentry and sustainable vegetable growing.
3.      Campaigns for go back to school at pastoral communities in Kaabong/ Karamoja.
4.      Youth friendly services such as counseling, blood testing and peer education for youth and young mothers

Peace building initiatives
GLORY-UGANDA implemented a peace building dialogue meeting within the out range of the Dodoth pastoralists and Turkana community within the kaabong district. Over 98 Turkana pastoralists and 167 Dodoth attended the most recent meeting and many issues were resolved in partnership with KAPDA with funding from Mercy Corps/ USAID.

Natural resource conservation project initiatives:
Currently Glory-Uganda is implementing a conservation initiative project under which activities of community capacity building on Climate, smart agriculture, beekeeping, conservation agriculture, tree planting for biodiversity. 

GLORY is organizing a Youth Confrence “Kaabong Youth Conference: setting the Agenda on Health and Livelihoods on the 17th of June, 2016 at the St. Monica Women’s Club. This conference is expected to bring together political leaders and NGO representatives, school heads, women and youth working in Kaabong District.

You can contact GLORY via email at gloryuganda.org@gmail.com

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  1. GLORY-UGANDA, also is now carrying a research on Human wildlife conflict in Kidepo Valley National Park. Targeting small holder farmers and pastoralists communities living around the wildlife corridors of uganda (Kidepo).