1 Aug 2016

August 2016: NGO of the Month

Jeunesse Unie pour le Progrès et le Développement (JUPD NGO), Benin

Jeunesse Unie pour le Progrès et le Développement (JUPD NGO) is a youth-led organization that is based in Benin and aims at protecting and conserving the environment through sustainable development. JUPD NGO focuses on such priority areas as climate change, renewable energy, integrated water resources management and youth employment.

JUPD NGO values the contribution of youth as active members of the society. It envisions a community where youth are fully involved in sustainable development activities. To achieve this mission, JUPD NGO seeks to empower youth in Benin in such a way that they can build environmentally sustainable conditions for themselves and future generations. To participate actively in development activities, youth in Benin need to have the rights skills; JUPD NGO steps in to build the capacity of these young people.

To actualize the vision it has for youth in Benin, JUPD NGO runs the following projects in the community that include environmental education in schools, public awareness on climate change, tree planting and capacity building training for youth on the Climate Negotiations process.

Specifically, the following among many others are the projects that JUPD NGO has successfully initiated and oversees:
1.      Oversees the #NAYDSDGs Initiative in Benin and advocates for the implementation of the SDGs in rural communities in Benin as well as being a member of the Benin Habitat 3rd Working Group for children and youth.
2.      Youth Climate Talkers, a youth-led project which aims to bridge the gap between the Climate Negotiations and the public by familiarizing youth with the language and the major issues under discussion during the negotiations.
3.      Involving artists to raise awareness for the need to adopt indigenous solutions by the community in Abomey-Calavi Municipality which is adversely affected by climate change
4.      Safe and sustainable sources of drinking water, the scarcity of safe drinking water leads to physical burden, mental distress and economic strain to women and girls who have to carry water for long distances under strenuous conditions.