13 Aug 2016

International Youth Day Statements

TIME is NOW, not the FUTURE. Stephen Machua - Kenya 

Don`t just promise Development, Deliver it, Make it Happen, with our full Participation, as beneficiaries and actors! Andre Nikwigize, USA

Youths are the pillar of any nation, our strength, focus and determination are very paramount to nation building. Let us all use our innate potential to save the planet. Happy International Youth Day Adejoro Oluwashola, Nigeria

Young People are our future and our present. They are powerful agents of positive change, essential to steering the realization of Agenda 2030. Claire Onzee, Kenya

There is a path to which our generation is called, to explore beyond the same immovable objects. Our voice has been given pacifiers to deter us from breaking the boundaries set by the old order. We have become like caged hamsters running against the momentum of the wheel, accepting that our generation’s fate is unchangeable, doomed to conferences that end with the same old statements. I challenge youth leaders to think differently about our inheritance. Let us embrace the true spirit of globalization where national interests don’t trump humanity’s interest. Patson Malisa, South Africa

Let's invest in Youth Employment and Women Empowerment for a Sustainable Durable and a Safe World ! Astou  Nathalie SIDIBE,  Mali

This generations destiny is to discover that we are the gatekeepers to our own freedom and our freedom is now. Mike Mpanya, South Africa

Congratulations to all of the youth of this world. Gbaku! The struggle for one youth is the struggle for all. Brezhnev David Paasewe, Liberia

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