1 Nov 2016

November 2016: NGO of the Month

An indigenous initiative that is seeking to improve the competitiveness of ordinary Ugandan farmer through providing  timely continuum of information from availability of improved seeds to harvesting and storage, marketing of crops (prices and dealers contacts). This happens through technologically creating a platform where farmers from all over Uganda can interact and share ideas with their counterparts within Uganda and elsewhere.

Farm Solution 365 intends to create ground for research and innovation in the use of mobile phone technology and internet web page programming. Through this technology, Farm Solution 365 can offer quality agro-based advisory services and provide an opportunity for professionals in Uganda and abroad to do online mentoring and training of farmers at the grassroots with better hands-on skills, farming methods and value chain management.

Increased access to information will increase funding opportunities for farmers such as access to loans for agricultural inputs and adding values to crop to get better prices. Farm Solution 365 will connect farmers who need information to professionals, and it will provide opportunity for research on e-reporting using mobile phone and use of internet web based system.

Farm Solution 365 envisions empowered Ugandan farmers through the provision of timely and reliable agro-based services that can enable them make good and informed decisions. Through this project, Farm Solution 365 aims at Promoting excellent agricultural practices through the introduction of basic, feasible and economical solutions to the everyday agricultural problems faced by Ugandan farmers.


  • To broker quality and profitable agricultural services between the Ugandan farmers, agricultural companies and extension workers locally and internationally.
  • To provide quality agricultural advisory services like provision of reliable agricultural information, trainings and agricultural demonstration sessions to farmers in Uganda.
  • To create room for research and the inventions of feasible and economically friendly solutions to African problems.


  • Mass mobilization of farmers into groups for better quality service delivery.
  • Negotiation with agricultural companies who buy and sell to farmers on behalf of the farmers for better deals.
  • Offering quality agro-based services such as trainings, demonstration and research to the farmers through which the farmers get the chance to have practical skills.
  • Negotiations with agricultural extension workers to provide services to farmers at a friendly price.


  • Acquisition of a project tractor for farmers to hire at a cheaper and better price to increase productivity.
  • Registration of up to 500 farmers in ten groups in Apac and Oyam districts in Uganda.
  • Setting of a working project farm where farmers get better hands-on skills in Apac.
  • Negotiation and bringing in students from Oxford University, United Partnerships, Farm Land Magazine, UK to research more and advise on possible solutions to the problems that farmers face.


  • Changing weather patterns that adversely affect agricultural patterns and reduce production.
  • Limited resources to properly provide better services to the farmers.
  • It is challenging to deliver services to most remote areas.

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