1 Feb 2017

February 2017: NGO of the Month

The Development and Humanitarian Aid Foundation (ENSAN Aid)

ENSAN Aid is a non-profit organization based in Egypt working in Qena, Sohag and Aswan. ENSAN, which means human being in Arabic, was founded in 2014 to promote the empowerment of youth, women, girls and children who are mostly in need.

Entrepreneurship Training
ENSAN Aid seeks to provide better access to humanitarian services and integrated care in the health, educational and economic development for girls, women and children. Operating under such values as accountability, transparency and respect, ENSAN Aid strongly believes in the power of partnerships and cooperation, in implementing the programs, with the government sector, private sector, civil society organizations, international organizations and the establishment of strong relationships with donors.

·         Girls Entrepreneurship Program aims to develop the skills of girls to enable them to manage their small businesses.
·         ANMAAإنماء Program Cooperation to improve access to livelihood opportunities, such as renovating houses for less privileged families in Egypt in cooperation with UTA Agency.
·         SHARIK Program, implemented in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon in the first stages, to enable youth to participate in community and political activities.
Participants of the SHARIK Program
·         ATAA Program aims to economically empower poor communities by providing access to health care and education and technology.
·         Coexistence and Global Peace Project aims to spread the concepts of peace and non-violence, promote tolerance in communities especially youth in collaboration with the World Youth Organization in South Korea and HWPL in South Korea.
·         Hunger Reduction and Malnutrition Project focusing on reducing hunger and malnutrition in cooperation with emergency relief foundation.
·         Pink Ribbon Project an early detection of breast cancer project implemented in the neediest villages where women are unable to access health care.

·         Implemented 340 small business projects with less privileged people through micro-finance loan focusing on vocational Training
Need assessment in Poor Communities
·         Build and Renovated 3 houses for poor people
·         Capacity Building activities with 250 youth in 5 focusing on communication, volunteering and development, planning and formulation initiatives and teamwork
·         Implemented 25 community initiatives with youth in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt through SHARIK Program.
·         Held three conferences with youth in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt
·         Trained 36 youth on coexistence and global peace
Life Skills Training
·         Trained about 74 Girls and young women on entrepreneurship; marketing and feasibility study for empowerment
·         Life skills’ training youth with disabilities

·         Some habits and traditions that prevent empowerment of women
·         Insufficient funding

You can contact the founder and chairman ENSAN Aid Dr.Mahoud A.Elsaman at melsaman@ensanaid.org. To find out more about the organization visit ensanaid.org or follow ENSAN Aid on  Facebook.

(All pictures used with permission from ENSAN Aid)


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